Expressing Love in 3 Ways


love 3Thought, Word and Deed

Discovering love is baffling. We pursuit and search, looking for apparently—looking here, there and twofold checking places we’ve effectively checked three or four times. Since people are creatures of habit, we frequently appear to be identical spots we’ve looked some time recently, without achievement. Be that as it may, getting grounded in your expectations is the way to showing love and I am demonstrating how to do it.

Expressing Love in 3 Ways

There are three parts to manifesting love: thought, word and deed. Thinking about what we desire is obviously the first part. Word means saying it out loud—declaring it. Deed is doing something about it. Deed can mean a lot of things, but with my technique it simply means taking action. I have found, without fail, that writing down a description of your perfect partner or relationship is the quickest and most effective way to let love find you!

love 1Create a List

You need to create a list of the traits you want your ideal mate to have. Think of only adjectives, (handsome, strong, independent, etc.), and brainstorm or write them down in a neat list—whatever method suits you! It’s okay to think big. Just describe what you intend to attract. Don’t try to be humble—if money is important to you, ask for someone who has it. You should also consider their personality, family relationships, where they live, and if they have children from a previous relationship. The Universe needs details, so provide as many as you can. If you are having a hard time coming up with something, just think about what you don’t want in a partner and write down the opposite of that.

Read Your List Out Loud

When you feel like you’ve written down as much as you can (You can always add to it later.), read your list out loud. This is the most crucial part of the manifestation process because the Universe needs to hear your say it. So say it, sing it, yell it—whatever you are in the mood for!

How to Store It

love 2When you’re finished, roll up your list like you would a scroll and tie a pink ribbon, thread or string around it. Pink is the love color. Then go into your bedroom and place your list in the right-hand corner farthest from the bedroom door. In feng shui this is called your partnership gua. Then relax and allow love to enter your life in the most serendipitous and spectacular ways!

Wear Pink In the Meantime

In the meantime, it always helps to wear pink. Any shade will suffice, and it doesn’t have to show. You could wear pink clothes, pink jewelry, pink lingerie, or pink pajamas. Wearing pink sends subtle waves of receptivity out into the world through your aura, and will help you find the keys to true love. If you are honest with the Universe, it will give you exactly what you want in love.