Friday , March 24 2023

Psychic Advice

Activating Your Inner Goddess

Inner Goddess

Many people think that the goddess is part of the world but she is really known for diversity. When it becomes Taurus season, it means that Mother Earth energy is strong and this can help you to get abundance. The Taurus energy is strong and it works with the yin …

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Getting a Wiccan Reading

Wiccan Reading

There are many people that have studied to be Wiccan. This is someone that works with magic and will do things that can help others to know things about their past, present and future. A tarot reader can be a Wiccan and they use the energies around you to understand …

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Signs of Your Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

Going through a spiritual awakening can be confusing. It is one of the things that people often question and they wonder if it takes away their emotions or if they lose all of their family, friends or even their jobs. If you are hoping to go through your awakening or …

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Healing the Mind through Your Spirituality

Healing the Mind through Your Spirituality

When you want to heal, you have to allow your spiritual awakening to help you. If you are someone who has went through trauma such as emotional or physical abuse or even sickness, you might see that you need to heal. As you go through your awakening, you might see …

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What is Chakra Meditation?

Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation is a form of meditation that is taught in yoga classes or in Reiki sessions. This kind of chakra meditation helps you to focus on your seven chakras from the crown to the root. This is like Kundalini yoga where it allows you to have energy that works …

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Settling Your Karmic Debt and Ridding Yourself of Bad Karma

Bad Karma

Too often we ask ourselves, “What have I done to deserve this?” There is rarely an answer that really makes sense, but there really is a simple explanation, karmic debt. This article will help you understand karmic debt signs, whether there is anything pointing to a debt in your life, …

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Making Your Manifestation Power Strong!


We all have different beliefs, and we all learn to take action towards things that we believe in. We all have a vibrational frequency that works with the world and as we have dreams and thoughts, we can make great things happen in or own lives. How to Manifest Power …

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How to Overcome Doubt and Be Strong

Overcome Doubt and Be Strong

It is a normal thing to have doubt when you have to face things that are hard. Having self-doubt means that you are not sure of yourself, and this is something everyone feels here and there. When this gets to the point though where you cannot function and get things …

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Astral Project In 6 Easy Steps


Humans are merely spirits having a physical experience, so there is much more how we process stimuli than just our five senses.  When we develop our sixth sense, or extrasensory perception (ESP) we can reconnect to our higher self.  You can hone ESP by practicing mediation, dream analysis, and manifestation …

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How to Know if Your Aura is Leaking


Are you an empath and you have tried different things to be stronger such as grounding or other protective things, but you find that it is not helping you? Maybe you even find that you are being affected more in your emotions when you are by someone negative than ever …

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