Thursday , April 18 2019
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About Us

Life is full of crazy situations. There’s a lot of unexplained circumstances, phenomena, and other happenings that we can’t fully explain. People themselves are full of surprises; there is so much we don’t know about the human body and our brains. People who are tuned into psychic energy can intuit information about other people, situations, and even the future in some cases. This sense can be practiced and improved with time and focus.

My name is Betsy Roberts, and by all accounts I’m a normal person. Throughout my life I’ve recognized some parts of my life that didn’t seem very normal- having dreams that came true, day dreaming situations that came to pass, and intuiting certain things about myself and other people.

I realized that I might have the ability to open my psychic mind by practicing; the more I noticed these things happening, the more I was able to tune into these occurrences and focus on what was happening when these flashes happened. Sometimes I was in the shower, or doing yoga, meditating, or even after drinking a couple glasses of wine.

When I met new people, their name or physical features weren’t what made them recognizable to me. I remembered people based on the feeling they gave me, in addition to a sound or a color they reminded me of. These colors or sounds can give me insight into their personality and let me know how to best relate to them in that moment.

My advice to anyone seeking to improve their psychic abilities is to listen to your body and trust your gut. Some of our immediate responses to our bodies behaving certain ways is to dismiss that feeling- this is the last thing we should do! Your gut sense is often correct, and by listening to your gut you can begin to learn when your intuition, or psychic sense, is trying to tell you something.

I made this website into a resource for anyone seeking more information about psychics and tuning in to your natural, universal power. There is so much we can all learn from the spiritual world around us if we give it the chance to shine through.

Call it synchronicity or meaningful coincidence- either way, our psychic senses are stronger than many of us think. If you think that you may be psychic or want to explore the world of psychic reading, keep reading through my website! I hope you find what you are looking for.