Blurring an Empath’s Sensitivity

Empath’s Sensitivity

When you are an empath or someone that is highly sensitive, chances are that you might have felt these emotions more when you were younger and then found that they seemed to slowly stop or to lessen. This can also mean that you don’t feel the feelings that you have in the past and you might not be as affected by what others are feeling or thinking.

Everyone that is an empath will have sensitivity and this means that a person with this gift is often overwhelmed and stressed. They sometimes want to be shielded from these feelings and they can put up a wall that makes them numb to the world around them. Others fall into things such as addiction.

If you are an empath and you want to have your empathy dulled, you can make that happen. Here is how:

Stop Forcing Yourself

Stop forcing yourself to be someone other than who you are. If you want to be more sensitive or if you want to have more empathy for others, you will cause yourself to suffer for this. You might even see that you become void of emotions. Learn to accept who you are at this present time and allow yourself to grow.

Don’t expect that you will have more empathy for someone overnight, but if this is just what you desire, stop being mean to yourself and accept that growing is a process.

Set Boundaries

Boundaries are healthy ways that you can live a better life. You might feel depressed because you have never set boundaries. This is something that often happens with an empath because they feel that they neglect or hurt others when they set boundaries and so they just don’t.

You don’t have to set rules for yourself that are hard, just learn to take time to rest and relax and to have self-care. Also, saying no when you don’t want to do something is important for your wellbeing.

When you are in a situation at work or at home where the person makes you feel down and depressed every time you are around them, stop being around them. Don’t subject yourself to those that are judgmental or rude. Find balance and calm where you live and in your workplace.

If you find that you are depressed by your work or by people you are around, find new people or change your work environment. When you set these boundaries, you are making yourself comfortable and you are doing what makes you feel happy and calm.

Be Kind to You

You want to be kind to everyone around you, but you need to learn to be more kind to yourself. Don’t abuse or put yourself down. Eat healthy and stop putting toxic things into your body. Change your beliefs and stop sabotaging yourself.

Be loving and gentle with yourself. If you find this hard, practice it. Treat yourself how you would others. Be compassionate to yourself just like you would your neighbor.

Keeping Your Sensitivity at a Length

You don’t have to want to be sensitive. Life can be hard, and it can be hard for people that are sensitive. If you find that you cannot handle yourself, you might see that being overly sensitive for others is not helpful either.

Set boundaries for yourself and realize that your sensitivity is your power and that it shouldn’t cause you to feel bad. Learn to grow and allow yourself to change your mind whenever you want to. Understand your own sensitivity and learn to grow with it.


It is important that you forgive others and that you forgive yourself. If you are dealing with things in your life that you are having a hard time getting over, forgive yourself. Stop resenting who you are and what you have done and find peace and love within your being.