Children Need Unconditional Love


For children to grow into caring and loving individuals, they  need constant love and nurturing.  A child’s first love is their parents. This means that the relationship between the parent and child is a strong bond.   Unconditional love helps build and grow this bond.

Safety and security is vital to a child. It is very important that they know they are loved no matter what happens.

Most parents show their children love day in and day out. Sometimes it’s difficult to show this when they are misbehaving.  Here are a few ways to make sure your child feels loved.

Say it once and say it often.

As hard as you may find it to put your feelings into words, just a few sentiments every day can work wonders with your child.  Tell them you love them and are proud of them. Do this every day to foster security and love in them.

Encourage Self-Expression

When your child feels your love around them, they want to show who they really are.  If your son or daughter wants to tell you something, let them speak freely. Keep an open mind and listen.  They may not need a solution, just an ear.

All it takes is time.

Your relationship with your child is just like any other. It needs nurturing and attention.  Make time for your child. This shows them they are special. This time that you set aside should be actual time spent together without distractions and phones. Your child is worth it.

Make sure they know you love them all of the time.

Children make mistakes.  They will upset you and you will probably get angry.  It is very important that they know that while you are not crazy about what they have done, you still love them. Make sure they know that no matter what happens, you love them.