Do You Really Want Your Ex Back?

Do You Really Want Your Ex Back

One of the most common questions clients ask their psychic advisor is, “Will I get back together with my ex?”

Do You Really Want Your Ex BackGenerally, it’s women who want an answer to this question, although men ask it often enough as well. I often answer that question with another question: “Do you really want your ex back?” Many times the haughty reply is, “I’m still in love! Of course I do!”

But do you really?

A while back, a psychic colleague and I were discussing this very subject when she shared these words of wisdom: “Your ex is your ex for a reason.” In other words, you wouldn’t have ended the relationship if it was healthy. Therefore, there was a problem (or multiple problems) in the former partnership.

It’s easy to point your finger at your ex as being the source of all of the problems. But as the old saying goes, “It takes two to tango.” So rather than spending time wondering if you’ll be a couple again, you should be focusing on yourself to discern what your role in the breakup was. One way to do this is to meditate on the following questions:

  • Did you ignore any red flags when the two of you met?
  • Do you want your ex back simply because you’re lonely?
  • Could you accept your ex just as they are? Or were you trying to change them?
  • Where did you spend most of your time together? In bed? Talking over coffee? Out drinking at nightclubs and bars?
  • Were you accepting of unacceptable behavior?
  • What was your behavior like in the relationship?

Do You Really Want Your Ex BackHonest answers to these questions will help you see, for better or for worse, the true reality of the relationship.

Maybe you’re annoyed with me now for recommending that you to do all that work, when all you want to do is get back together with your ex. Maybe you just want the psychic’s answer.

So, let’s say the psychic says she sees you getting back together. Time to happy dance, right?

Well, maybe.

Some couples get back together because it’s the familiar and comfortable thing to do. But the reasons for the breakup still exist. Your relationship won’t be able to grow unless you address those reasons. So it will either stagnate or the two of you will continue repeating the same dysfunctional dance.

Now, back to the original question. If you consult with a psychic to ask if you’ll get back together with your ex, please pay close attention to the valuable information the psychic shares during your reading. What they tell you will either enhance your relationship, or will spare you from the agony of reuniting with your ex. The information they share could be that he’s not ready for a commitment, she’s fallen in love with somebody else, he’s been cheating, stop pushing for marriage and just enjoy the relationship, or you both need to work on your communication skills because there’s much love evident in the relationship.

Whether the answer of getting back together with your ex is “yes” or “no,” you need to learn whatever lessons this relationship has to offer to you which will serve to help you grow.