Dreaming of Someone You Love

Dreaming of Someone You Love

Have you ever had a first love? It is thought that the first love is one that is never forgotten. It shouldn’t be a big surprise that this person might come up when you are dreaming.  When you have this kind of dream though, it might upset you, especially if you have a new love. This doesn’t mean that you don’t love your partner, it can mean other things.

Dreaming of Someone You Love

Here are some reasons you might be dreaming of your first love:

You Want Someone to See You Have Worth

Being with your first love was something you will probably always remember. If you were young, it might have been an intense and strong relationship. If this was the first time you have ever broken up with someone, you might be dreaming of your ex because you feel like they didn’t value your worth.

Your mind wants you to prove your worth to this person and so your mind causes you to have a dream about them.

Putting The Breakup on Your New Partner

If you had a hard breakup like your ex cheating on you, you might have this dream because you might feel that your new partner will break your heart the same way. Your partner probably is not cheating on you, but this dream can make you wonder.

If you keep dreaming of your ex hurting you in that way, don’t put your feelings on your current love.

Forgetting Them

It might be hard for you to ever forget your first love. Even if it was years ago, it can still hang on sometimes. This might be why you are dreaming about them. This doesn’t mean that you want to be back with them, it can just be a love that is hard to forget because it was so strong.

Unresolved Problems

After you broke up with your ex, you probably had a lot of hurt. This hurt might still be in your heart. Since this was your first serious partner, you might hurt over this for longer than you imagined.

Our mind works in ways to try to understand our emotions and if you are having a hard time loving yourself because of what your ex did to you, you might be having dreams about them.

Problems in Your Relationship

If you are with someone new and you are having relationship problems, you might dream about your ex. This can be a way to cope with what is going on in your life now.

Since you are dreaming of your first love, you more than likely aren’t handling the problems that you are facing in your current relationship, and you need to face these things.

Finding Closure

Being in a strong relationship that ends can be hard. Maybe you needed to talk things over with your ex before the relationship ended. If this hadn’t happened, there was probably have been no closure.

As people, we need to have closure. We need to be able to tie up lose ends. When this doesn’t happen, you might see that you keep dreaming of them.


Worry can make you have weird dreams. If you are worried about your current relationship or worried that your partner will break your heart, you might dream of your ex. This can happen because you are comparing your last relationship with this one.

Your mind will try to find out if there is anything similar in your last relationship and with the one that you are in now. The emotions that you have will spread out into your dreams. Maybe you can learn what you need to do to get past the worry and live a happy life.