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How To Find Your True Love

Don’t Ever Settle For Anything Less Than What You Deserve

Who doesn’t want true love? Most of us aren’t able to find it on their own. Maybe, It’s time to turn things around! Especially if you’re feeling you’re on your own or if you’re stuck in a one-sided relationship, Here are my tips for finding your true love.

Know When It’s time to End a Bad Relationship!

If you’re in a bad relationship, get out! You really can do better, even if you thought you were with your soulmate. The great thing about soulmates is that we get more than one. You could have six or more if you know where to look. Don’t stay in a relationship that’s going nowhere. If your partner says they don’t love you, they just want to be friends, or they don’t believe in commitment, take them at their word.

Date Single People


Don’t waste your time being the other woman. A married person will only bring you grief. They get the best of both worlds, but what do you get? Besides, do you really want to be in a relationship that was founded on a lie? They’re cheating on their spouse to be with you and there’s a good chance that they’ll cheat on you too. You deserve better.

Separate Sex With Love

It’s okay to be in a “friends with benefits” relationship if both of you are between relationships and you can remain emotionally detached. It’s harder than you think! Don’t expect this type of arrangement to evolve into a relationship, because chances are it won’t.

Stop Changing Them

If you go into a relationship thinking you can change everything you don’t like about your partner, you’re setting yourself up for heartache. If you can’t accept them for who they are, you don’t belong together. It’s true, people can change, but they hardly every do it just because some else wants them to.

Choose People With Common Interests

loveParticipate in activities you enjoy to ensure you’ll meet someone with common interests. If you like to sing, join a choir or go to karaoke night. If you’re into fitness, join a hiking club or gym. If you’re spiritual, go to group meditation or join a religious organization. Pursuing hobbies can lead to love! If you have an online dating profile, make sure you include your hobbies and interests to increase your chances of meeting someone who likes the same things you do.

Your special someone is out there, but unless they’re some kind of delivery man, they aren’t going to come knocking on your door. Go out and do your part to find true love.

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