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Finding Love: Tips for Relationship Virgins

Are you still looking for the right love? Do you feel like your getting old for love?

53c2562546574_-_cos-01-relationship-virgin-deSome people may have never had a romantic relationship ever in their life. If you are one of them, you may have felt like a little bit older and thinks that it will be harder to find love. Being single for a long time can be an issue that you need to resolve within you. You need to find out what’s holding you from finding love. Maybe you need to do things the other way.

This may seem simple, but in order to find a romantic relationship, you can’t give up on love. Rather, you have to be actively looking for it. Women tend to put more effort into buying a new pair of shoes than they put into finding a romantic relationship. It’s shocking to think, but it actually makes sense and it’s probably why you’re still single. Your first step in finding a romantic relationship is to commit to finding love.

images (1)Bringing the Inside Out

Maybe you’ve never been in a relationship because you don’t feel like you have much to offer. That’s not true. Each of us is special in our own unique way and if you show the world who you are on the inside, you will eventually meet someone who thinks you’re pretty special.


If you’re shy, it isn’t easy for you to strike up conversations with strangers. Shyness is actually endearing. But you do know how to smile, don’t you? If you see someone you’re attracted to, try smiling at them. Maybe they will engage you in conversation. If you’re feeling bold, you could smile and say, “hello.”


Flirting is fun and there are a ton of ways to do it. It can be bold, but it’s just as effective when it’s subtle. You’re just being friendly, and if someone is receptive, you may just get a date out of it. But, if they’re not being friendly in return, walk away. You don’t need an unfriendly person in your life.

Your Love Life is a Project

images (2)I know it doesn’t sound romantic, but if you want to finally have a romantic relationship, you need to treat it like a project. It takes time and effort, and you need to be willing to put everything you’ve got into it to make the outcome successful—including putting in some overtime. So don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself, and don’t sit around waiting for Prince Charming to come knocking on your door. Not only does it take effort to find love, it takes even more effort to keep it. So if you’re not willing to put any energy into finding a romantic relationship, what chance do you have of keeping one?


We all have qualities that we feel self-conscious about. But we also have qualities that make us feel confident. Maybe you’re well-read or athletic. Maybe you’re really funny when you’re comfortable around people. When you’re feeling confident about yourself, other people notice. Confidence is attractive to a potential mate, so strut your stuff and know that you have a lot to offer.

Someone Who Likes What You Like

18-Relationship-Turn-Offs-That-Can-Ruin-Your-RomanceDon’t waste your time pretending to like sports or classical music just to impress someone. You need to be true to yourself. So if you like boats, take a sailing class and if you like to eat, take a cooking class. If you do, you will meet people who like the same activities, and now you have something in common with someone else and shared interest are something to build a relationship on.

Just Make a New Friend

Put aside the pressure of finding love for now and just go out with the intention of making a new friend. A lot of strong romantic relationships start out as friendships and some of the best romantic relationships start out as a slow-burning flame.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you’ve never been in a romantic relationship, it’s never too late to find love.

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