Learning to Love Your Shadow Self

Learning to Love Your Shadow Self

We all have a shadow self. This is the parts of ourselves that we have rejected and that we don’t want others to know about. The great thing is though that our shadow problems become helpful for us. They help us to grow and be the best person we can be.

Everyone has a purpose on the earth and even if you don’t know your purpose, chances are that you have dreams, and you are reaching for certain goals. You want to share these things with others, but you often find that you are making choices that make you feel that you are not doing the right thing or going on the right path. We know that we have to have balance in our lives in order to grow and that we have both weaknesses and strengths, but we often see our weaknesses as our enemy.

What if you found out that the best way to reach your purpose and your goals was to face the darkness inside of you, to face your shadow self. The best parts of yourself can be found once you learn to be at peace with the dark parts of your life.

People are often looking to find out who they are. They want to know what the choices that they make will do for them, but they often forget that when they want to know who they are that they have to face their shadow self. This was coined by Carl Jung, and he said that we have a consciousness that holds some of our personal traits that we don’t always love. These are things that we hide from others but sometimes we hide from ourselves.

These are things that people often repress and they do this because they are afraid to face the pain. This can be things that happened in their lives, families or even from society. These are thoughts that make people feel ignored or feel that they are rejected. The shadow self is one that is seen as darkness because it threatens us to feel that we are bad or that we have parts of us that no one will love. This can be something like jealousy or anger. Whatever we don’t like about who we are can threaten us to not feel accepted or to be ashamed.

When we refuse to approve of ourselves and we reject who we are, we are making the shadow bigger. When we are mean to ourselves, it causes our value system to change and makes us go against who we are or what we believe in. If we wouldn’t treat others that way, why would we treat ourselves that way? This can cause us to feel that we lose our freedom, and it can lead to people feeling depressed or sad.

Carl Jung showed us that the shadow is part of our moral problems, and it becomes part of our moral effort to hide it but instead we need to recognize these parts of our personality. Once we do, we can have knowledge of who we really are and then we can move forward.

When you invite your shadow self in, you can find that the shadow will teach you things and will be part of your psyche that is necessary to help you grow. This is something that has been with us for years in our life and it has helped us to be more aware and to understand life better.

We have to learn to face the parts of us that make us vulnerable and the parts that make us feel that we are not strong or that we are abandoned. If we want to grow and become better, we cannot deny our shadow self, but we have to face that along with other challenges. We need to find our true path and we can do that by facing the things that we want to destroy. This helps us to work on building up our jobs and our relationships. When we resist this, it causes us to miss out on healing that is needed.

Healing from past trauma or experiences that have been hurtful make us understand others better. It makes us become people that are kind and loving. When we learn to accept the parts of us that we see as dark, we can become the best that we are, and we can learn to grow and change. Once you understand your shadow self, you will see that it has no power over you. Loving your shadow self can help you to understand exactly how amazing you are.