Why Should You Let Go Of Resentment?


        Whenever we had a fall out with people in our lives, we often harbor negative feelings and thoughts toward those individuals and thus will definitely create resentment. This could happen as a result of a friend going behind your back, a lover who cheats or a family member who disrespects you. While all of these transgressions can hurt, the pain of these actions typically pales in comparison to the damage that holding a grudge will do to you over time.

If you can find the will to let your hostility go, you should. Holding onto a grudge is bad for your mind, your body, and your soul. Need more proof? Here are six reasons to release a grudge and move forward.

1. It Frees You From Negativity
Holding onto a grudge is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies—to paraphrase the famous quote about resentment. The person you’re bitter toward is typically less affected than you are since you have to live with your emotions every moment of every day and they don’t. Harboring these negative feelings pervade your head and heart and only brings you down. If you liberate yourself from your grudge, you’ll certainly find freedom from negativity.

2. It Helps Your Practice Forgiveness
We can all use the opportunity to practice forgiving others. The fact is, people are going to disappoint you, anger you, and hurt you. That doesn’t mean you should outright excuse this kind of behavior. However, it’s worth making a habit of finding space in your heart to forgive, let go of any grudge you have, and get on with your life.

3. It Could Keep Your Healthier
Holding on to anger isn’t just bad for your mental state, it can actually impact you physiologically as well. Studies show that staying mad can lead to risky health behaviors, potentially leading to conditions like Type II Diabetes, among others. If anything, release your resentment for the sake of your physical well-being.

4. It Could Pave the Way for a Repaired Relationship
When you forgive someone, you open the door to a new chapter in your relationship. While you may never be as close as you once wereg, forgiving someone allows you to discover new possibilities, whether the person is a friend, a family member or a former lover. You may discover new facets of this person, or yourself when you choose to let the past go.

5. It Sets a Good Example for Others
Forgiveness is a life skill. When you decide to forgive someone, you’re setting a positive example for others to follow, especially if you have children who look to you as a model for how to handle life. Showing the next generation how to be compassionate and how to show mercy to others will help them grow into empathetic, tolerant individuals. Who knows, your efforts might make it easier for them to let go of grudges too.

6. It Will Help You Sleep Better at Night 
According to some research, people who let go of anger toward others were actually able to get better, sounder sleep, which is something we probably all could use. Think about it: When you’re holding onto a grudge, you may feel angry, anxious, and on edge. It’s very hard to get restful sleep when these emotions are swirling through your mind