Make Your Long-Term Relationship Fun

Long-Term Relationship Fun

Do you feel that your relationship is no longer exciting and that you just seem to follow a routine? There are things that you can do to make this relationship fun and exciting. By doing new things together, you can spice up your relationship.

Here are some other ways to make this work:

  • Deep Eye Contact

Look in your partners eyes for three minutes and try not to look away. This is one thing that couples will often try when they are doing yoga and other practices. You can look deep into each other’s eyes, and this can help you connect.

  • Go Somewhere New

Take time to go out together and do something new. Take a weekend mini-vacation and do activities that allow you to have fun together. This can help you to connect with your partner without being distracted by things going on around you.

  • Dress Nicely

Improve the way that you look by finding something nice to wear and do something new with your look. This can be a new haircut or a new kind of makeup. Do what it takes to turn his eyes to you.

  • Smell Nice

Smelling nice is one way to get your partners attention. Make sure that you brush your teeth and that you smell good from the inside and out.

  • Make the Day Exciting

Go back to where you were when you first started dating. Send a new text or give your partner a gift that makes them smile. Go on a date somewhere you have never been before.

  • Lose the Mundane

Stop always following a routine. Do something that is fun and exciting. Do something new. Do new things in bed. Find out what kind of new positions your partner would want to try and do it.

  • Take Him to a Sex Store

Find a sex store to go shop at. This can get things exciting and hot. While you are at the store, figure out new things that you would both like to try at home.

  • Play

Do things that bring back the intimacy. Try to have a sex game in mind that will get you both excited. Explore each other’s bodies and don’t feel shy or embarrassed to make things new.

  • Ask for Sex

Your partner doesn’t always have to be the one that is asking for sex. Have your turn to ask to do new things in bed. If he asked you for sex last time, you ask him this time.

  • Date

Choose a day each week to go out on a date together. Life is busy but when you schedule each other in, it can make you more apt to stick to it.

  • Surprise Them

Surprise your partner with something that they will love. There are no rules except that it isn’t dangerous and there are no judgements in it.

  • Risky Behavior

Choose some risky sex moves to try out. Take turns picking which one you and your partner want to do.

  • Make it Sexy

Write a sexy story about how you can connect with each other. Use your name and your partners name to make the story passionate.

  • Pictures, Pictures, and More Pictures

Take pictures like a photo shoot for your partner. Wear things that you would not normally wear like a sexy outfit or pumps. Be creative.

  • Give Love

You need to love your partner deeply. Just saying “I love you” doesn’t get thing exciting in the bed. Make things fun by being spontaneous and by doing things to show love without even having to say a word. Make sure that there is a spark in your relationship and that you don’t keep things the same.

  • Be an Individual

Be someone that is individual in the relationship. You should support your partner in all ways, but you should also support yourself. Make sure that you are living your best life and that you are taking care of your partner but just as important, yourself.

  • Talk

Talk to each other. Let them tell you what they are feeling and if they are upset, listen to why. Let them tell you what has hurt them and give feedback without being judgmental or without cutting them off.

  • Try New Things

One of the biggest problems with couples is that they don’t like to try new things. This is a great way to make things different. Different is good sometimes when it comes to love. Do things that would make your partner happy and don’t hold back the things that make them smile.