Moving on


Can you move on? As you struggle with a floundering relationship does it seem as if the rest of the world is on a romantic honeymoon.  This may lead to do the querying path of deciding whether or not to break up, break out and start anew.

It sounds easy enough, but it’s hard to move in the right direction of you don’t know where to go.

A love psychic may be able to help you move on a bit more easily.

Here are some guidelines compiled by reliable sources:

Moving on can be broken into four sections-spiritual, emotional, social and physical.

Allow yourself to feel your emotions, if you are sad, cry or write in a journal. Explore you emotions and cleanse yourself.  You will need to separate yourself from social activities where you may run into your ex. (This includes social media!) Rearrange your living space so you won’t be reminded of they way it looked with your ex in it.  Get rid of anything that he/she has left behind.

Make sure you are spiritually open to meeting new people and that your past has prepared the way for new things.

Something very important to remember is that just because your relationship ran its course doesn’t mean you failed.  You may be feeling disappointed for a number of reasons. Don’t spend time or energy picking apart the past.

Spend some time disconnecting from the outside world and writing yourself a letter describing the best things about yourself.  Encourage yourself by revealing in your strength. Finding the beauty and strength in yourself will help you fall in love again.

Take charge by taking responsibility for your past actions and let it go. Forgiving yourself is an excellent way to move forward. Letting go of the past will open you to something new.

If you still feel as if you are wallowing in grief, take sometime to nurture yourself and surround yourself with kindness.  Realize that you are deserving of love and open yourself up to possibilities.