Spring Break: Making The Most Out Of It


Spring break is for everyone! It isn’t just for teenagers! Working professionals, parents, singles, etc., should also have some fun as the weather gets warmer. The truth is, those of us who works and goes to the office everyday are far more in need of a vacation than those kids anyway, agree?Older Couple Walking Along Beach

Cancun or Bust?

Of course, after you’ve long graduated, you’re likely not going to want to travel to Cancun or any other traditionally young destination. (Though, hey, no judgment if that party scene still appeals to you!) Spring break may look quite different than it did when you were in school, but it can be just as exciting. So, here are five grown-up ideas for getting the hiatus you need.

1. Get to the Beach
If you’re ready to soak up the sun and surf, avoid the crowds by checking out a destination that won’t be packed with college students. Opt for Tulum over Cabo, Santa Barbara over Santa Monica or Malibu and Martha’s Vineyard over The Hamptons. Once there, you’ll enjoy great views, delicious food and the ideal setting in which to unwind. There’s nothing like the beach to make you feel revived.

2. Hit the Slopes
For those who want a more active vacation, spring skiing (or snowboarding) offers a gorgeous, natural setting and the chance to break a sweat. With the storms long past, you’ll enjoy careening down the runs sans jacket by day, and cozy time in the lodge and hot tub après ski. Even if you’d prefer to stay off the mountain, you can opt for snowshoeing, ice-skating, sledding and other end-of-winter activities.

3. Take In a New City
spring break 3Use your spring break as an opportunity to check out a notoriously cool place you’ve always wanted to go but never been, like Portland, New Orleans, Nashville, Austin or Sedona. You’ll get to experience the local culture, food and sights, then come home rejuvenated after checking off a great destination from your bucket list. Not sure where to go? Check airline deals for crazy-low fares and see if any of the discounted cities pique your interest.

4. Visit a Friend
Spring break is an ideal time to make an overdue trip to see your college roommate, best friend from home or any person you’ve been meaning to visit but just never had the chance. This allows both you and your friend to take some time off. He or she will be grateful for the excuse to hang with you, rather than go to work. You’ll be able to rekindle your bond and get some necessary time off to recharge.

5. Opt for a Staycation

You really don’t even need to go anywhere in order to have an awesome spring break. If traveling just isn’t an option, take your paid time off to hang at home: Read the books that have been collecting dust on your nightstand, check out the local activities you never have time to frequent, spend time outside, or make plans with friends to grab dinner and drinks. Just taking time for yourself will be enough to feel rejuvenated.