The Creative Process Reflected in Pregnancy Dreams


Just about everyone has dreamed about being pregnant or about giving birth. If you’re a woman, perhaps you looked downwards in your dream and noticed you had a protruding, round belly. Or maybe you saw yourself in a hospital delivery room about to have a baby. Or if you’re a man, maybe you dreamed of a pregnant woman who was acting as a fertility goddess and offering you a promise of future success and fulfillment.

Pregnancy dreams can be puzzling, especially for women who are beyond their own childbearing years. As with most dreams, a dream about pregnancy or childbirth is rarely a prediction of an actual event. It could be a signal to a woman that she’s about to receive a child into her life. Or it could be a reflection of a woman’s psychic intuition picking up that somebody close to her is expecting.

So what are these pregnancy dreams really about?

One type of dream about pregnancy or childbirth is a sign that you’re ready to bring forth a new aspect of your being. A higher intelligence or abilities you didn’t know you possessed may be emerging. For instance, dreaming about giving birth to a baby who can already talk and walk signals that you’ve discovered a new talent or brilliance within yourself, and you’re ready to work to bring it forth into the world. Dreams like this show that people are always maturing and evolving. When we challenge ourselves and show a willingness to step outside our comfort zones, we’re summoning new components of ourselves that posses greater abilities to face new challenges. This type of dream usually coincides with a significant event in the dreamer’s life, such as starting college or embarking on a new career path.

Another type of pregnancy dream occurs when a woman has a deep yearning to conceive her own child, but is having difficulties. This type of dream is a fulfillment of her great desire to conceive, and helps reconcile her grief over being childless.

The most common pregnancy and childbirth dreams relate to the creative process of bringing an idea from the conceptual phase out into the world. The wish or idea might have been in process for quite a while, so dreaming of being pregnant correlates to a gestational period. Humans are creative beings. We’re constantly creating our lives, making plans, putting forth our ideas, and setting intentions to draw opportunities  to us to make our projects come to fruition.

Our creative intelligence and imagination are powerful things. Our wishes can come true when we focus on positive outcomes, and our subconscious works in its own way to create new beginnings and opportunities. In many ways, our dreams show that we’re always dreaming our world into manifestation, both the good and the bad events and experiences. Sometimes dreams are an indication of how close we really are are to seeing our projects and ideas come to fruition, or how close we are to being ready to allowing new experiences to enter our lives. When we’re ready, dreams of giving birth signal that an opportunity is manifesting.

Following are some themes of the more common pregnancy and birth dreams, and what those dreams may mean.

I’m ready to give birth, but I didn’t realize that I was pregnant.  

Dreams like this are signals of a major surprise. An opportunity is presenting to you without significant effort on your part. You probably had the idea in your subconscious for some time, but you didn’t know that an opportunity would manifest itself. You likely didn’t know that there was higher intelligence working there in your subconscious, creatively crafting a new start. Maybe it’s a portion of your life plan, or a reward from some past work. It may be a new job opportunity that allows you to better utilize your skills and lead you to greater success, or a different type of opportunity that will serve your higher life’s purpose. Perhaps you earned it, but you didn’t realize it.

I prematurely delivered a baby.

If you delivered the baby in your dream prematurely, this probably means that you acted too quickly and introduced a project or idea into the world before it was ready, or before you were ready. The baby represents your project It needs more energy and nurturing to develop it fully. You won’t reap any rewards until you do the work that’s required.

Labor was difficult, and my baby was overdue.

This theme means that you’ve been incubating a project or idea for a long time, you’ve thought about it every day, and you put in a lot of work to make it happen. This dream is a reminder that the idea or project required more work than you thought it would, but the time has finally come for you to reap your rewards.

I’m ready give birth, but my husband and the doctor both aren’t here yet.

This is a common dream theme. It usually means that the woman having the dream felt she had to do something significant by herself, with no support or acknowledgment. For example, maybe she’s an artist who created a series of work, opened her own gallery, worked to put it in a gallery, and hosted the opening, while her husband sat at home and played video games. This type of dream acknowledges your accomplishments, while also reflecting your frustration that you didn’t have the help you deserved, and nobody to share your success. This type of dream may be showing you that you need to change your approach to projects in the future.

Most pregnancy dreams relate to the failure or success of a specific project, the creative process, the accolades you deserve upon success, or the criticism you face after you make a mistake. Dreams help the dreamer recognize their need to adjust their attitude or to seek help to find the proper solutions to problems. Using information from your dreams can help you turn failures into successes, and bring forth the greatest dreams you have for your future.

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