Tips on How to Mingle While On A Trip


Relationship or Fling? 

single 2With summer right around the corner, you may be thinking about taking a trip somewhere. And if you’re single, you might even be wondering if you’ll meet someone incredible on this vacation. We’ve all had the fantasy of recreating that famous romantic dalliance in When Stella Got Her Groove Back, right?

With summer so near, you might consider taking a trek some place. What’s more, in case you’re single, you may even be thinking about whether you’ll meet somebody unfathomable on this get-away. We’ve all had the dream of reproducing that renowned sentimental dalliance in When Stella Got Her Groove Back, isn’t that so?

Finding That Special Connection

Whether you’re looking for a full-on relationship or just a fling, there are some easy strategies for finding that special connection while on vacation. You just have to get yourself off that lounge chair—and maybe out of your comfort zone. Here are five ways to make it happen.

  1. Enlist a Single Friend as Your Wing Person
    single 1While traveling solo is definitely an option—and preferable, depending on your personality—having another like-minded singleton along for the ride may be a great way to increase your chances of meeting someone special. As a pair, you can scope out eligible suitors and pal around together, which can make you feel less self-conscious about approaching new people. Plus, two sets of eyes are better than one when it comes to verifying if that cute guy or gal at the bar is wearing a wedding ring or not.
  2. Research Local Hot Spots
    Before your vacation, go on Yelp and Trip Advisor to scope out some fun places to visit during your travels. You’ll likely find out where the best singles bar is and which restaurants have live music at night (and could be great places for finding dance partners). Doing this in advance ensures that you won’t waste time by heading to places that are more geared toward couples and families.
  3. Hit the Hotel Happy Hour
    Many hotels will have special deals come five o’clock at the downstairs or rooftop bar, which is typically frequented by singles. Once there, you can check out your options and strike up conversations with other guests. Some establishments even host themed nights or offer free appetizers and wine tasting for their guests, which are sure to draw crowds. Making a point to check out hotel-sponsored activities is a surefire way to connect with other single people who are looking for fun—and maybe even romance—on vacation.
  4. Sign Up for a Tour
    single 3A group outing is a great way to meet new people on vacation. For a full or half day, you’ll explore the sights with a small collection of fellow travelers and really get to know each other. Sharing a new experience together is an incredible foundation for romance and can set the stage for post-tour dinner or drinks. Luckily, you’ll have tons to talk about after a day of adventure.
  5. Take a Class
    A number of vacation destinations offer courses about the local culture and invite you to participate in it. Try signing up for a cooking or art class where you can create something meaningful, learn new skills and mingle with other travelers who share your passion. There may be some classes geared more toward couples, so be sure to select ones that aren’t specifically offered for honeymooners.