Twin Flame Disadvantages

Twin Flame Disadvantages

When most people think about twin flames, they think of highly fulfilling relationships with an out of this world connection. This sounds highly appealing and something everyone would desire. However, there are also disadvantages to having a twin flame. These are shared below.

Cannot Quit

No matter how badly you want away from a twin flame, it is impossible to get away from, even when we feel it is time to let go. Until the universe decides to break the twin flame, a magnetic force reels us back into the relationship.


Even those who had an obsessive attitude before a twin flame will feel things taken to an extreme. Everything will take a backseat to the twin flame, even those things that may be a problem like drugs, alcohol, food, or texting will start losing attention.


There is often internal conflict with a twin flame because our heart and mind are battling things out. At times, we may feel as if we want nothing to do with our twin flame and the next moment may feel we cannot be away from them.

Forget About Normal Relationships

A twin flame relationship will never resemble anyone else’s in the least, at least not until people evolve much further.

Terrible Lows

The twin flame relationship is focused on getting rid of the ego in both people at the same time which means lows can be extreme in nature. It can easily go from a high one minute to a deep, dark low the next. These may disappear if at least one twin flame is doing their inner work.


The spirituality that comes with a twin flame is unavoidable.  The events and signs from being with a twin flame will make you believe in some higher power. Even the preprogrammed religious beliefs of what is right and wrong will likely become unimportant or irrelevant in light of the new awakening.

Alone Time

When with a twin flame, the interest in solitude and spiritual endeavors will drive us inward. The desire to be social or have meaningless conversations will quickly fade.

No Free Will

Most people think you have free will and we can make our own choices. If free will existed, then the twin flame relationship would go according to how we wanted, not how it normally progresses.

Losing Friends

Our focus will revolve around the twin flame which means we will have less in common with those we once hung out with, but who are not experiencing the same phenomenon. WE might have a couple friends who hang around, but they will not likely understand it.

Doing the Unexpected

Finally, because the magnetic pull of the twin flame is so unexpectedly strong, we will do almost anything to have them close. We may change jobs, move thousands of miles. or anything else to be physically closer.

These disadvantages force us from our comfort zones and stretch us beyond what we could have ever imagined, but if we do the work, it will all be worth it.