Ways of Finding True Love through Online Dating


In the current world of online dating, People regularly get trapped in fake relationships with and by individuals who are not true confidants. Quite a number of relationships go through a lot of unwanted problems and even end due to misunderstandings.

I frequently help those who are victims of unhealthy relationships recover from their devastations such as the energy and time they wasted looking for love. These unhealthy relationships are as a result of online interactions that usually occur on dating sites. Habits and behaviors of these people who interact on dating sites in a very unhealthy way can be referred to as “Flirtualism”

There is a way this flirtualism can be stopped from advancing and at the same time those affected by it be helped, that is definitely good news. Regardless of a person’s past or current situations, there are factors that people still have hope in and they believe there is still a possibility of finding love and live happily ever after. These 3 important factors are Character, Compatibility, and Connections.

  1. Character

To meet that perfect companion, one needs to discover his or her true character. This is the first step. Writing down the character traits of a person you’d wish to share life with is the most successful way to do this before you even start online interaction (flirting).

Secondly, go through the list to see if the characters match yours too since as poles attract.

We are free to decide what we need. If you would like to meet a perfect companion then the first the words to start writing are: “I want to attract an ideal soul mate that has the following character traits to share ‘a good life’ with them for the rest of our lives.”

Our words are more powerful, predominantly how we align them to convey such a strong message. How we arrange words in order has a lot of impacts.

Therefore, let the message about that person you want to attract be clear and descriptive. Be aware that you can change anything you want as long as it suits your needs. That is you can add, edit or even delete words as long as that will make you two compatible and this brings us to another important factor.

  1. Compatibility

If by any chance your character traits and those of the person you wish to date do not agree then it means you are not ready for a healthy relationship.

Do not settle for less than you deserve as that is just a waste of time. You can pay attention to self-growth during this time that you’re single. You’ll discover that you are continuing to grow and develop in terms of character which is even healthy and you won’t regret anything.

A lot of individuals frequently confuse character with expectations. You shouldn’t anticipate anything in a relationship since it leads to disappointments. However, if two people are compatible in terms of character then there is no disappointment. Companions

There is a saying that goes “True love is like fine wine, it only gets better with time” which is definitely true. Therefore you and your perfect companion should give yourselves the chance to grow and develop both separately and together.

Characters that agree together cannot be faked. The fact that people are not real in relationships is the reason as to why irreconcilable differences occur. Those who anticipate a lot in romantic relationships or even those who are not real usually find it hard to be in one relationship and this brings us to the third factor.

  1. Connections

When your characters agree with the list that you wrote about the type of companion you desire then it means you ready to connect with others sincerely and meaningfully.

Healthy interactions both online and offline always lead to the realization of these meaningful connections. Always look for your soul mate in dating sites that people speak well of and most importantly the one you believe your soul mate is likely to choose.

Decide on that dating site that will allow you to write all the qualities of the partner you desire to meet and also your own qualities. Words are powerful therefore be extra careful when choosing them.

You will meet that partner who also believes in self-growth as long as you continue investing time, energy and resources to develop yourself. Just ask and look for what you want. Do not fear.

KISS is what strengthens a relationship especially between soul mates that are meaningfully connected to each other. Therefore if you haven’t experienced the power of a KISS then you definitely need to watch the movie, Pretty Woman that time when Julia Roberts and Richard Gere KISSED.

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