How Will You Know if You Found Your Soul Mate


116173-300x225Many people have questions like ‘What is a soulmate?’ , ‘Is there only one soulmate for every person?’ or even ‘Am I  married to the wrong person?’ The answer is that everybody can find their soulmate and everybody can also transform their existing relationship into a soulmate relationship if their partner wants to come along. So, how do we know when we have found our soulmate?

When you are looking for signs that tell you you’ve found your true soulmate, you need to consider that this isn’t anything like searching for buried treasure. Once you find it, you can’t just drag it aboard your ship and set sail for “happily ever after.” It is more like discovering an enchanted forest. It is beautiful and mysterious, yet very fragile, with many hidden perils that can be easily avoided as long as you know how. If you want to know the soulmate potential of a lover, you must first look at the signs that can be found within both of you.

Does the Relationship Have Potential?

Surveys state that nearly three-quarters of all couples believe it is their destiny to find that one special person to spend the rest of their life with. However, research also suggests that it is a mistake to believe that a soulmate will fit you perfectly and your relationship will require minimal work to maintain it, as these are the very relationships that rarely last. In fact, a true soulmate should arrive with plenty of potential, but will most certainly have their share of flaws.

soulmate-signs-1Is Your Partner Imperfectly Perfect?

Falling in love with a soulmate who is perfect is practically impossible. Research shows that when we are so infatuated with a new love, we believe we’ve found the perfect match, but this only sets us up for disappointment. Even your soulmate will have things that don’t fit quite right. The important thing is that you see your partner for who they are, are willing to compromise and forgive their faults and love them as is. This is the kind of commitment to an imperfect relationship that is necessary to build a life-long soulmate relationship. So how do you know if your relationship has this kind of potential?

Is Your Partner Willing to Work and Grow With You?

Some people think that if their relationship is “meant to be,” it will just work. And if it takes any kind of work to be in a relationship, these same people are quick to call it quits and continue their search for the “perfect” mate. But in reality, it takes a lot of work for have a forever companion. A soulmate connection is a powerful connection and if you have one with someone, it means that you are both willing to do what it takes to work on your relationship to both maintain it and improve it.

images (34)People change over time and the only way they can continue to foster that initial chemical bond is to learn and grow together. They have to find new things to fall in love with. I can tell you from experience that I do not love the exact same things about my wife that I did when we first met. However, the new things are just as wonderful, and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for me in the future.

The trick to finding your soulmate is not where you look, but how you approach the search. Destiny is a powerful belief, but you must also believe that you have at least some control. When you contact a psychic for a reading, they can enlighten your path to happiness. However, it will be up to you to take the necessary steps to make sure you don’t veer too far off course and end up creating an alternate ending for yourself. This is why it is important to understand how to argue, listen to and forgive your soulmate. If finding them were that easy, you would never appreciate them as much as you should.