Your Zodiac Sign and Losing Your One True Love: What Will Happen

Your Zodiac Sign and Losing Your One True Love: What Will Happen

Losing your true love is never fun or easy, but each zodiac sign is guilty of traits and actions that can drive the “one” away if not kept in check. Find your sign and see what to watch out for once your true love has been found or as you are still searching.


You are naturally passionate with energy and enthusiasm to spare in many areas, but this can come out as being aggressive and overwhelming to others. Some may even see this as anger with intensity. Keep that fiery attitude in check when first meeting others.


Taurus is a sign that is stubborn by nature, so you must be careful. If you are with your one true love and keep standing your ground, never willing to compromise, then you will drive others away. This stubbornness comes across as confrontational and combative. Instead of being so closed minded, open up to the opinions of others.


Geminis are almost social chameleons with personalities that easily adjust to make people feel comfortable. This means you have a highly active social life which can be damaging to intimate relationships. Your partner may get jealous of all your time spent with others so you must learn to prioritize.


You are sometimes an emotional mess, just admit it. You are so kindhearted and caring that you never withhold affection, but your sensitivity needs to be in check or your partner will run away because you take offense to so much of what they say.


Leos are prideful and tend to have a big ego which is what will drive your partner away. You may not be able to stop being self-absorbed, but you can keep it to a minimum so your loved one is not alienated.


You like to be in charge and can get bossy, which is what will drive away the one you love. You want to control because your expectations and standards are so high. While you enjoy being a perfectionist, you have to learn to relax and be more lenient with those you love.


You are well-mannered and charming, but your vanity can be a huge problem. This will show in relationships so keep that conceit in check or your loved one will check out.


Scorpio, it takes you awhile to let people into your inner world because you hate vulnerability. Being open can allow you to be hurt, so you like to keep things playful and casual. If you keep refusing to open up, your love will disappear.


You enjoy being lighthearted, but it can come off as very immature. Your noncommittal spirit is not great for relationships overall because your love will not ever feel secure. Build your confidence and theirs to keep things going.


You are known for being a hard-worker, goal-setter, and achiever. These are great attributes for an individual, but this focus on professional goals can get in the way of anything romantic. Find some balance and devote time to your one true love or they may find someone who will.


Intelligence and perception are not bad attributes, but pick your spots well because always making people feel less than in comparison will drive them away, including your true love.


Much like Cancer, you are too sensitive and can get disappointed easily. You live in an unrealistic dream, but your true love lives in the real world. Take things at face value instead of always romanticizing them.