Meeting By Accident

Meeting By Accident

We spend our whole lives trying to find the person that completes us and complements us.  We sometimes get confused by feelings of longing and inner peace that we seek and we think that we want true love.  Even though there is a connection, getting one without getting the other is not enough.

A person has to find peace and balance inside of themselves before they can find a path with someone else.  Once they learn to figure out their own path, they will find that finding a mate is another journey and one that is good.  They will meet people that are attracted to them and their life and destinies will match up.


The bond that you will share with your soulmate will be a physical and a spiritual bond.  The two destinies are going to connect both spiritually and mentally.  Not all soulmates will fall in love and be intimate and there will be many more soulmates in your lifetime.  No matter what people have said, when you meet a soul mate, it can be bad or good, but it will be there to change to your life.

Soulmates are two souls that are from the same group and they are destined to meet up.  They are connected from the past or from another dimension and they will have met many times in the past life or in the present.  They are bound to each other by karmic relationships and they are destined to get together.

When the soulmates come together, they will have their own destiny and they will find purpose in each other.  They will bring about change and will make the universe aware of them.

Twin Flames

Twin flames are souls that are divided.  They are a spiritual and physical manifestation and the reflection of each other’s souls.  People argue that having a soulmate and a twin flame are the same, but they are not and the relationship will be different with each relationship.

Is That Your Soul Mate?

You might have more than one soulmate in a lifetime.  There are different types of soulmates.

Types of Soulmates

Karmic Soulmates are the ones that are coming to you because there is unfinished business from the past.  This is a karmic relationship because it can be good or bad.  There will come a time in the relationship where it becomes hard and unstable.  They will always feel connected, but they will need to separate and get away from each other.

Cosmic Soulmate

A cosmic soulmate is a connection that is intense and immediate.  It will flow naturally, and you will be able to talk to each other like you have known each other forever.  You will cross paths unexpectantly and you will come across each other with a strong connection.

You will share some of the best connections in life such as birthdays or number situations. When you speak around them, you will feel that you are complete and that you have met your purpose.

There might be a time when you are really calm and still and your soulmate is helping you to heal your past scars.


Both types of soulmates have a purpose and the karmic purpose is to give you a chance to look within yourself and to learn a lesson.  They bring out the bad in you and make you feel like you want to give up.  They are not there to fix you but to show you who you are.

We sometimes get enlightened when we meet this soulmate.

A cosmic soulmate will heal you and give you warmth.  They will show you that you are loved and will help you to carry on in life and have true healing.  This will help you to find who you really are.