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Do Not Let The Psychic’s Bad News Ruin You

     If you’re reading this, you’ve probably had a psychic reading before and most probably… You had a bad reading already, one where the news isn’t on the sunny side. Would you be depressed? Sad? Frustrated? You shouldn’t.  While many want a psychic reading to re-affirm their direction and decisions, …

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When Giving Up Should Not Be An Option

Surrender, as a spiritual principle, always teach us to yield to a Higher Power and give our self  up to the power of the present. I have often advised to clients that they need to surrender to what IS … for example, if their partner wants out of the relationship, let them go, …

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Is It The Right Time For A Change?

        Is it the right time for a change? Making a change during the first part of the year seems exciting and scary. Are you thinking about changing your job, your relationship or any area of your life that your soul is not in alignment with? We often look …

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The Truth About Real Psychics

Are psychics real?  This is a topic that will definitely sparks a hot debate. Hmmm..What do you think?  Is this stuff real or just a bunch of mumbo jumbo?   The answer will surprise you. I have a confession to make.  I’m a psychic medium, but I used to be a hard …

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