Past Life Regression and Why Therapy Can Help

Past Life Regression and Why Therapy Can Help

Do you feel that you have memories from your past life that are flowing into your present life? Do you feel that you need to talk to someone? If you have these feelings, chances are that you are suffering from things in your past life. You can look to past life regression therapy to help you to understand your past life and to help explain traumas or anxiety that you have.

Psychics and healers are there to help you to work through certain types of therapy. There are many that are lightworkers that can help you by restoring your balance and helping you to have an overall wellbeing of your mind, spirit, and soul.

One therapy is called past life regression therapy, and this is when the therapist helps you to recall your past life by the sounds, feelings, and the things that you hear around you. They take you into a deep meditative state that can help you to get past things holding you back.

What Is Past Life Regression Therapy?

If you are someone that feels hurt or you keep going through painful relationships, you will maybe not understand what is going on in your life when maybe it could be that you are held back from trauma in your past life. Maybe you want to explore the purpose of your life.

Some people have energies that have attached to them that are not their own and they have to have them cleared from their past life so that they can experience life new.

When you get past life regression therapy, the therapist will ask you to relax and will help you to deep breath and to calm down in a meditative state. They will give you information that can help you on your life journey.

Who Does This Therapy Help?

People that have health issues that they do not know where they came from, phobias or even health issues like not being able to be get pregnant might benefit from past life regression therapy.

If you feel that you are always dealing with bad luck, you might need to have this kind of therapy so that you can be healed and so that you can strengthen your gifts.

This kind of therapy isn’t about uncovering the problems of your past life, but it can help you to remember your life so that you can see how good your life is today.

The job of the therapist is to help you to connect with the power of your guides and your own power to find out what is going on from your past.

Do Past Life Therapists Get Training?

Most past life regression therapists will have training for many years before they begin their work. They will get results by being able to look into your past life and by being able to see what you are feeling and going through.

Breathwork is one thing that they will show their clients in order to shift their negative feelings to something more positive.


Parts of the body are often blocked because of issues that people have with their emotions throughout their lifetime. Breathwork is guided breathing that will help to clear traumas from the past and help you to connect with your higher self. It helps you to be more aware of who you are and where you come from.

Breathing can help you to know the parts of your body that are suffering from a sickness or from stress. You can explore these things and know how your past lifetime or the life that you are living now are affecting what is going on.

Someone that has a leg problem for example might have problems because they broke their leg in the past life. The pain and energy can still carry on to the new life and once you can discover this from your past life, you can learn how to remove this pain and injury. Getting rid of past life traumas can help you connect with your life today.

Color Healing

When someone feels that their throat is tight, this can be part of the color green. Frustration, anger, envy, and all of those negative feelings are associated with a color and there is color healing that can help to remove these problems.

Exhaling out the color green and bringing in blue or white emotions to your body can get rid of blockages that your body might have. This can be done with a guide, or it can be done in a healing session.

Past Life Fears

One of the most powerful past life regression therapy sessions has to do with fears. Some people have fears that they carried on from their past life and these can affect their health and the things that are going on in their life today.

Past life regression therapy can happen because of abuse in the past life or from grief that was never taken care of. You may be able to understand your relationship or your family problems once you take time to get this kind of therapy.

This kind of healing can bring things to a new perspective and help you to be more open in life.

How Much Does PLRT Cost?

Most past life regression therapy will cost around $300 to $400 dollars a session. People that get this often feel that they are able to clear the negativity out of their life.  They have great results, and they are able to know that there is a difference in their mind, body, and soul.

Finding a therapist

Look on the American Psychological Association website and find a therapist that can help you with past life regression therapy. You can also ask your doctor or a friend to refer you. Looking online is a great tool to help you find the therapy that you need.