Channeling with Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing

There are different rituals and practices that you can do in order to find inspiration in your life. Maybe you choose to do yoga, or you meditate. Doing these things can help you to explore who you are. Another great thing for people is automatic writing.

Automatic Writing

This is a way that people can channel things into the spirit world. The spirits will guide you to write whatever is in your mind and help you to reach your higher self.

People do not always know that they are connected to their spirit guides and they often have to wait until they have a strong experience. Many people are creative and if you are a writer and you are tuned into your spiritual self, you might see automatic writing being something for you.

What is Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing is when you use your power of creativity to reach the higher power by writing. This is a gift that psychics use to communicate and develop their giftings. This allows the spirit world to flow through you.

Automatic writing helps you to experience the spirit world by going into a trance. You then will write whatever comes to your mind and allow all of the information to flow through you. Anyone can learn to do this.

Why Use Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing can help you to connect to your higher self. It can help you to get information from the spirit world.

When you go through your enlightenment, you will get clarity of things around you and this can help you in your writing.

This allows you to go to your life with a clear mind and to be grounded in what you belief.

When writing about a choice or a decision you made, you will see that the steps that you took were positive.

Automatic writing helps you to increase your intuition and to have a deeper connection with the spirit world.

Channeling Your Soul

When you want to channel through writing, you can do this while listening to music or meditating. This can help you to go into a trance fast.

You can close your eyes and start writing and things will flow to you. This will be information from the spiritual world. You can do this with your eyes close.

You want to have questions before you start your sessions so that you can get the answers that you want. Make sure that you are asking simple questions.

What You Need

Here are some things you need:

  • Blank paper.
  • A quiet place to work.
  • Questions that need answers.


The first thing you need to do is to relax so that you can get into a trance. You can do this by using:

  • Chakra Music
  • Binaural Beats
  • Relaxation Music
  • Meditation

You can also do things such as Yoga or breathing work. Once you feel that you are in a trance, let the information come to you. Do not write anything until the information starts flowing and then once it does, let it come to the paper through you.