Kinds of Meditation


When you meditate, you are focusing on yourself so that you can clear out the mind chatter and have a clearer understanding of things in your life. This helps you to relax and helps you to be able to manage your stress and to find joy in your life.

Meditating can help you to heal from sicknesses or diseases and can make you feel happier in your life. This is something that has been around for years.

If you want to know more about meditation, here are some different types of it:

Mindful Meditation

When you are mindful, you are more positive. Mindful meditation helps you to stop overreacting to what is going on around you.

You can do this kind of meditation anywhere you are. Focus on how you are breathing and the quiet and allow yourself to put your emotions out there without being judgmental.

Transcendental Meditation

This kind of meditation works when you do sounds or chants. This can be a small phrase and you can do this a couple times a day for about 15 minutes each time. Do this in a comfortable place and close your eyes and relax.

This allows you to relax inside and have inner peace.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is sometimes called imagery. This is a method where you learn to imagine a picture in your mind that relaxes you.

This can be guided by a teacher or a group and they sometimes use smells or sounds to calm you.

Vipassana Meditation

This kind of meditation is an ancient Indian form of meditation and is over 2,000 years old. This helps you to observe yourself and to discipline yourself to pay attention to what your body is showing you.

This can be a connection between your mind and body. This is a place where you are compassionate and where you abstain from things such as sexual activity, being intoxicated and anything negative.

Loving Meditation

Loving meditation or metta meditation is a time where you wish good things for others. This is where you are mindful and where you sit in a relaxed place and you deep breathe.

Once you are loving yourself, you can get your friends and family members to know that you care about them and you can send positive things towards their life.

Chakra Meditation

This kind of meditation helps you to be able to center your energy centers. Each chakra is part of a different body part and each has a different color associated with them.

Chakra meditation will help you to think upon the chakra that might be unbalanced and to balance it. This is a time where you can concentrate on parts of your body that are in pain or that are sick.

Yoga Meditation

Yoga meditation is something that goes back to India. This is where you do yoga and breathing exercises and you try to be more flexible.

You do different poses and concentrate on your movements and keep your mind clear.


You can choose to do whatever kind of meditation that you have depending on what you are going through in your life. Yoga can be hard for someone that doesn’t work out so speak to your doctor before you try any kind of exercise regimen.