Signs of a Reincarnated Soul

Reincarnated Soul

Reincarnation is literally translated as becoming flash again. Hinduism, alone with some other religions, believe that after death the soul can move on to exist in some other form of life. We may not know for sure what happens after death, but many feel as though they have lived many lives on earth. If you ever wondered if you had more than one time around this universe then these signs may help clarify for you.

  • Powerful Intuition – People who have reincarnated before seem to have the ability to know things before others. They can access knowledge that is hidden from the public, but still sense it. Intuitive souls are connected to other worlds and dimensions, so they spend time in solitude trying to make sense of the information they have given.
  • Déjà Vu – Those who have reincarnated may have a sense that events have occurred before. Certain places, people, things, or events may feel familiar, even if you cannot remember being around them before in the current life.
  • High Sensitivity – Those who are reincarnated are highly empathetic and sensitive. They feel everything to the core of their being and feel their mission in life is to heal the planet and bring peace. They may struggle with conflict and the turbulent energies of the world. They will need time to do soul work and create balance. This person will likely avoid noisy or crowded places because it is so overwhelming.
  • Sense of Not Belonging – Those who are reincarnated will feel out of place and search for their home, but never find it. They may not understand why or how, but will have no desire to take part in activities that are considered normal. They will want to spend time alone, often outdoors, trying to avoid things without meaning. Reincarnated souls want to connect with their soul family.
  • Faraway Places – Reincarnated souls may have a strong urge to visit certain countries that they remember from the past life. You will realize this home is not a physical place, but some deep heart feeling. You may want to go anywhere and everywhere, but drawn to a specific culture or location because you lived there in some past life. Do not hesitate to immerse yourself as there may be answers about your soul mission there.
  • Deep Connections and Conversations – Those who are reincarnated will not like small talk, but want real, deep connections. These are conversations that can keep you engaged for hours on end. Most are called old souls because of this desire.
  • Memories – If you cannot shake the feeling that you have walked this earth before, whether triggered by dreams, a song, a line in a book, or some other way, you may have lived before. You may not fully recall these places or events, but you know they happened and want to uncover more. Children can often recall more because they are newly reincarnated.
  • Lack of Connection with Parents – Even though they love you and care for you and you feel the same, you may not have a close connection to your family. You may even wonder if you have another family somewhere. You may feel as if you met these other people and dream of them. This may be your parents from a past life and this points to reincarnation.
  • Crave Solitude – The world can be overwhelming to someone who is reincarnated so you go in search of true meaning. You will crave time and space to recharge after dealing with society. You may enjoy getting lost in nature as often as possible and are willing to spend a few days at a time away from technology to allow healing for the mind and soul.
  • Fears That Seem Real – Fears can point to bad things that happened in a previous incarnation. To dispel these fears, which were probably based on something real in the past, face them head on and defeat them. Otherwise, you will continue to reincarnate until you overcome and learn the lesson.