Learn to Ground Yourself for a Healthy Lifestyle

Ground Yourself for a Healthy Lifestyle

Grounding is something that you can do that takes electrical charges from the earth and puts them in your body. Doing this allows you to reconnect with the earth and is sometimes even called earthing.

When you are grounded, it means that you are healthy in your mind, body and soul and there is a real science behind grounding and ways that you can do it to be strong in your life.


Science talks about grounding and during research they have found that grounding can help things such as heart disease, pain, muscle weakness or damage and mood disorders.

One of the theories says that we all have energy that is living cells and the function of these cells is to help build the immune system and help to defend the body. The immune system is similar to antioxidants and when you are grounding, it is a similar idea.

The idea of grounding the heart says that people can stand barefoot in the ground and when they do this, it can change the way that the blood flows and the cells move. This plays a role in the body being stronger and is great for people with heart disease.

In a bigger study, some scientists found that if you use grounding matts, the white blood cell count and the pain level is less than it was before starting.

This means that grounding helped to bring about healing. Others believe that grounding can help with the mind, body and the emotions and those that have stress or depression can learn to ground and then they can have better moods.

Some studies have found that inflammation can cause the body to be in pain and that grounding can help with this problem as well.

Types of Grounding

There are different ways that a person can ground themselves and here are some ways:


Take time to go outside in the grass or in the sand without your shoes on. Walking barefoot in nature allows you to have energy that will help to ground you.

Laying Down

Another thing that you can do is to lay on the ground. Doing this can have skin to earth contact and can help to ground you.

Laying in the sand at the beach or laying in the grass at a picnic can help you. Make sure that you are in a safe place when you do this.


Many believe that water is a perfect grounding source. They believe that going for a swim or going out into the lake or the ocean can help to ground someone.

Grounding Methods

There are different grounding methods that people can use, and they use these and connect their body with the earth.

Some use a metal rod in the ground, and they connect their body with a wire. If you do not want to do this, there are other things you can use such as:

  • Grounding blankets.
  • Grounding mats.
  • Grounding bands.
  • Grounding patches.
  • Grounding socks.

You can find these things online at many different shops.

Why Ground?

There are different reasons why someone might want to ground and here are some of the common reasons:


If you find that you are always tired or have chronic fatigue, grounding can help you.


Chronic pain can be horrible for people, but many recover faster with grounding.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can get less if you do grounding for an hour each day.

Sleeping Problems

People can use grounding to help get rid of their sleeping problems or their disorders.

Heart Disease

Some have found that grounding helps to lower the blood pressure and helps with hypertension.

All of these studies are short and not as extensive as people would like but regardless of that, they have found that grounding is beneficial to the body and the mind.

Are There Risks When Grounding?

Most of the grounding techniques are safe such as just going to the beach or walking in the grass but if you use different grounding things such as rods or mats, you may risk getting electrocuted.

Always pay attention to how you use them and make sure that you do not misuse them.

Even if you are into grounding, you always should seek medical help so that you can make sure that there aren’t any other problems that you are facing that need medication.


You can practice grounding by going outside and allowing the earth to touch your body. You can also swim and play in the sand to make sure that you are connected to the earth.

When you are inside, you can use grounding socks or blankets throughout your day to keep you strong.


Focus on grounding techniques that allow you to reconnect with the energy of the earth. Doing this can help you to get rid of pain, sickness or mental stress.

Grounding can be done inside or outside depending on what kind of things that you use. However, you choose to use grounding, make sure that you follow the directions, and you take care of yourself along the way.