Why Does Your Spirit Affect Your Physical Body?

Why Does Your Spirit Affect Your Physical Body?

Physical pain can be more than just getting hurt or having bad luck where you stub your toe. Physical pain is something that is trying to get your attention and can have to do with your mind and your spirit. If you have pain and it is getting worse, you need to find out the reasons behind it.

Slowing You Down

One reason that you can have injuries or other physical pain is because your body is trying to slow you down. If you are always working hard and you don’t take a break, your body will force you to slow down, one way or the other.

Injuries mean that you won’t be able to do things until that injury is healed. You will have no choice but to go slower in your life and you will have to take a break.

It is hard to do things differently when you are a hard worker but if your body needs a break, you need to relax and give it what it needs.

Getting Your Attention

The universe is always giving you signs to get your attention and if you are not listening and the universe needs to get your attention, chances are that you will get an injury, or you will have some kind of physical pain.

Find out what the universe is trying to show you. Maybe it wants you to change jobs or to find new places to go in your life. The universe might have you get injured so that you would take time to quiet your mind and listen.

If you feel that this is what is happening to you, take time and talk to the universe and see what is going on.

Your Chakras Need Balanced

When your chakras are unbalanced, you can have physical pain in your body. Your chakras are your energy source and when they are balanced, you are strong in your mind, body, and soul but when they are unbalanced, you will have pain.

Sometimes if there is pain in your body such as your digestive system, your circulation, you have muscle aches and pains or other things, you need to find out if one of your chakras are unbalanced and do what you can to balance it.

Clear your chakras with meditation and get everything back in order. The physical pain is a sign that you need to do something to fix yourself.

Past life Problems

Some people have pain because of pain from their past life. They find out that they have had a past life with some kind of trauma or pain and this pain can come to them in their present life. If you have something going on in your body that you don’t understand, talk to a psychic, and find out about your past life.

This is one way that you can get rid of the pain. People might have past life regression and see why the pain has come at a certain age or a certain time. This is a connection with the past life and can affect you in your mind, body, and soul.

Going Through Your Awakening

Some people are going through their spiritual awakening and when that happens, it can be painful. You might have injuries or pain in your body as you go through your awakening.

This is a planned awakening that happens before you reach your new life and even though it is hard, work through it and amazing things will come.

Other People’s Energy

If you are taking on someone else’s injury, you might have physical pain. People that are empaths will often take on the pain of other people. This pain is there because they absorb the energies and when it has to do with pain, that can come too.

Empaths need to make sure to protect themselves and know when they are picking up other people’s thoughts and energies.

Moving Pain

Maybe you have pain in one spot and then the next day it moves to another part of your body. Your pain can move just like your emotions can change. It moves because you weren’t paying enough attention to it and so it moved to a place that you would notice.

Fixing Pain Early

The earlier you are able to figure out your pain, the faster you can make it better. It is easier to fix something at the beginning before it gets too deep.

You don’t want things to get so bad that you have a disease or an issue that you cannot fix. Pay attention to your pain and fix it.

How to Fix Your Pain

The first thing that you need to do is to find out if you are having pain because of your emotions or if it is something else. Do you feel depressed or angry? If so, your pain might be from that.

Your vibrations will be lower if you are feeling negative in your thinking. Maybe you need to meditate and clear your mind. Let your heart give you the answers.

Sometimes your pain will show up when your mindset is low. Here are some things about your pain:

  • Is it causing you not to be able to move? Maybe you need to move forward.
  • Is it causing you to have less energy? Maybe you had things in your life draining your energy.
  • Is it making you feel upset? What was happening in your life before you started feeling sore or upset?

Your injury or the pain that you are having can come from what you are feeling or thinking. You might think the injury is from something that you have done but if you are feeling negative and something happens, you might have more than just pain in your body.

Emotional State

When you figure out why you are in pain, you need to fix it. Talk to someone that you love or take time to write down the feelings you are having. See if you have energy that is negative in your life.

You can talk to someone that can help you to remove negative energies.

Find Out What the Universe is Saying

Talk to the universe and listen to your intuition. Find out if it is trying to give you a message or trying to get you to slow down.

The universe will help you to see things from a different perspective. Pay attention to what you are feeling and your intuition.

Past Life Regression

Your past life can affect your physical body now. What in your past life is causing you to have pain in your body? Go to a psychic and see if you can find out what your past life was about.

Knowing that you have problems in your past life can help you to release your pain and let it go.


If you are going through your awakening and you are feeling pain, embrace it and learn to go forward. Surrender yourself to your awakening and learn to see the best way to live your life.

How to Heal

There might be different things that you have to do in order to heal yourself. Just because you have pain in your body doesn’t mean that you won’t have pain in your mind. Figure out what is causing you to suffer and find out if it has to do with your emotions or your spiritual being.

There can be a combination of things happening to you and you need to find out why. Try meditating and see if you were hurt before you went through your emotional situation or if this is just a coincidence.

Try something like acupuncture or go to a psychic to find out what you can do with your mind and your body to feel better.

Clear Your Energy

Everyone needs to make sure their energy is cleared but this is even more important if you are an empath. Find out where your pain is coming from and if it is even yours.

Is the pain yours or someone in the room with you? Learn to protect yourself from other people’s energy and get rid of your pain. You don’t want to take on that responsibility.


There are different reasons that people experience pain including spiritual and emotional reasons. Physical pain doesn’t just come out of nowhere and you have to figure out where your mind has been lately.

Go back and figure out what has been going on with you the past few weeks and see if you have had some emotions that were out of control. Sometimes your body needs you to get hurt so that you can heal from inside out.

Listen to your intuition and let the universe guide you. This will help you to slow down, pay attention to your pain and then fix whatever is wrong. There are reasons that are spiritual for your pain and you need to figure out why your pain is there.