Knowing Destructive Relationships

Destructive Relationships

There are different kinds of relationships that people might have to deal with such as someone that is a narcissist or someone that is an energy vampire.


Narcissists are people that often feel that they are better than other people, but they will show that they are loving when other people are around. This type of personality will be obsessed with a false image, and they will want other people to see them as good. They will show themselves as so caring and loving that people will believe it. People will be impressed by a narcissist, and they will feel loved like they want to be loved, at first. The problem is that they aren’t even able to love themselves and this makes them unable to love others. They want people to admire them, and they will manipulate others to feel good.

When someone falls for a narcissist and the way that they act, they will feel loved based on their actions. They will give constant attention and they will be there for people that feel neglected all the time. But, as the relationship moves forward, they will start to ignore the person and they will do anything that gets them celebrated.

A narcissist doesn’t care about the needs of others, and they just pretend that they do until they get to be in control of y our life and then they show who they really are.

Energy Vampires

Energy vampires will do what it takes to get all of your energy. They will make you to focus on them all the time and they will take out all of your joy and peace. They will want you to admire them and to love them, but they will do behaviors that make this hard and it will destroy any feelings of love that you ever had for them. They make you feel like love is bad and they do this to have power over you.

Emotional Attacks

Narcisssists will start doing emotional attacks against you and they will distance themselves when they want to hurt you. Even if you cry or you feel upset, they don’t care. They will not be concerned with your feelings, and they aren’t interested in your emotions.

Energy vampires are also not interested in how you feel. They will enjoy hurting you and this isn’t physically, but this is to manipulate you and your emotions until you feel that nothing is left. They do things to intimidate those around them and to break people by criticizing them, attacking their decisions, and sometimes even going into a rage.

Narcissists can get angry easily and they often argue a lot. They will react and punish you for not caring for them enough and then they will blame you for their outbursts. They also will believe that you deserve to be punished for your actions and even if you apologize and beg for forgiveness, they will still bring things up.

The rage that a narcissist has can lead to verbal accusations and they will act like they are a victim. They will not show any admiration and they will cause you to have low self-esteem. They will hurt you if you don’t show obedience to everything they say and they will belittle and humiliate you. They will hurt your emotions as much as they can. Even if they change in their behavior, they will never really value you, but they will think that you are worthless. They will be cruel to you, and they will use you to make themselves feel superior.


Sometimes a narcissists behaviors will be abusive. They will tell you not to tell others what happened and when you do get upset, they will ask you to forgive them. They will tell you not to talk about what happens at home and they will make you keep secrets so that you don’t tell others about what is going on in your home. When they are out with people, they will seem to be the best person ever.

If you do talk about their behavior and they get “caught,” they will blame it on childhood abuse or abuse or trauma int heir family. They will find something to blame on their actions. They will make it hard for you to leave a relationship because you will feel helpless and will feel bad that you weren’t able to see them for who they are.

Final Thoughts

Narcissism is a personality disorder and if you are dating someone that has this disorder then you need to get some help. Find out what is going on in your life and talk to a therapist to help you. This is something that can start with emotional abuse, but it can lead to other kinds of abuse that can lead to physical harm. Find someone to talk to right away if you feel that you are in this type of relationship.