Let Him Know He’s Losing You

Let Him Know He’s Losing You

Are you in a relationship with someone that doesn’t seem to worry that they might lose you or not? Maybe they take you for granted and they aren’t showing you that they care or love you. Maybe he has even told you that he doesn’t care if you leave, and it has caused you to feel heartbroken and upset.

This kind of situation can make you have anger and sadness, and it can make you want to give up on the relationship and move on. There are many people that have gone through this relationship, but the good things is that this can be solved, and it can be fixed. .

Here are ways to make him worry about losing you:

  • Stop Expecting Him to Change

One of the biggest mistakes that women make is that they expect that their man will change and will come running after her. This can be almost impossible, and it is hard to make a man change what he wants or desires. You have to understand that if you keep expecting him to change, here is what will happen:

  • He will keep taking advantage of you or will do it even more.
  • He will do only what he wants.
  • He will make you feel bad about who you are.
  • He will care less about you walking away.

This doesn’t work because if you expect him to change then you are allowing him to continue acting how he is until he changes. If you find that you are waiting for him to change, you need to do something about it instead.

Stop waiting and start being in charge and make him learn to appreciate you.

  • Match His Energies

You have to stop giving in to everything that he wants from you. Match his energies. If he doesn’t show interest in you, stop showing interest in him. If he doesn’t want to spend time with you, stop putting yourself out to spend time with him.

Maybe you try to talk to him, and he cuts you off. Do this back to him. Give what he gives and take what he takes. Do this in all areas of your life from the house chores, setting dating times and texting.

Doing this will even the page and when you choose to give him the same amount of attention that he is giving to you, he will notice. Of course, you don’t want to get to the point where you aren’t giving anything at all, you just want him to realize he might be losing you.

  • Become Busy

There is nothing more attractive than a woman that is busy. Men want to see someone have their own life and they want to know that their woman is independent. When he asks you to do something, tell him that you have other plans.

This can be something that becomes frustrating, but it is noticed, and it can make a guy see that maybe he isn’t as important or on top of the list as he thought he was. Hang out with your friends, do your hobbies, and have fun. Let him see that you have your own interests.

  • Don’t Change the Relationship

Even though your relationship probably does need changed, don’t do this. This kind of treatment that he gives you doesn’t just happen, but it is something that has built up. Sometimes this is things that have been buried and they are too painful to fix so instead you ignore it.

The relationship needs to be restructured but not right now. When you feel that you aren’t being appreciated and that your relationship needs to be fixed, you have to rebuild your relationship. This comes with action but first you have to let him realize that by not changing, he is going to lose you.

Men will worry about losing their partner and even if they are someone that is emotionally unavailable to you, he will see that he might want to chase you if you do some things different. Find a way to be strong and to make the relationship stronger by not always giving in to him.