What Are Your Numerological Numbers?

Name Numerology

Numerology is important and even your name has a significant thing. If you change your name, you might wonder if it affects your numerology, and the answer is yes. This can also reveal a lot about your life and your journey.

When you were young, chances are that people had a nickname for you. This will be something that was probably different for you than it is now. It might have been something positive or something negative. Maybe you were outgoing or maybe you were shy, and the name wasn’t something that was subtle, but it was something that made a difference in who you are and in your vibrations. Each vowel in a name has its own vibration and this means that your name will have a vibration of your energy. This is a calculated and not an organic name and so if you change your name, it can impact your life.

Name Change Numerology

Those that study numerology see a name change as organic or artificial. Organic name changes happen when you have a name that you grow with as a person and an artificial name change is one that replaces your name at birth.

Organic Name Changes

  • Nicknames.
  • Marriage name changes.
  • Legal name changes.

This can happen by choice and is part of an organic change such as:

  • Pen names.
  • Change for changes of energy.
  • Stage names.

An artificial name change is one that you do on purpose, and this can change the vibrations that you have. You can add energy to your life, or you can take it away depending on your name change.

Rather you are changing your name because you are getting married or because you are getting divorced, this can be something that you are changing in your energy life as well. Numerology has changes that can help you to make a decision when you decide to get a new name.

Understanding Name Numerology

You can calculate your name numerology by looking at your birthdate. You can see that there are different numbers, and your numerologist can figure out these numbers for you. You will need to know your personality number, destiny number and heart desire number. These numbers can help you to understand your energies.

  • Destiny Number

This is the number that is also called an expression number. You can get it by adding the values of the letters for your name at birth. This is a popular number and the one that most readers will give you.

  • Personality Number

This number is gotten by adding the values of the constantans to your name. This will tell ab buyout your personality and what makes people attract to you. It can tell you about your marriage, divorce or other things that are manifesting in your energies.

  • Heart’s Desire Number

This number is also called the Soul Urge number. It is found by adding up the value of the vowels in your name. This is what your dreams are and what you want to happen in your life.

  • Changing Names

When you look at name numerology you will find that you can change the vibration of your energies by changing just a few letters of your name.

  • Calculate Your Numbers

The first thing that you need to do is to calculate your Destiny Number. You can do this by adding up the name letters and then getting them down to a single number. Reduce it until you get there. This is a number that can help you to make sense of things in your life.

  • Calculate Your Personality Number

Your personality number will be adding all the values of the constantans together. When you do this, you need to reduce it as well. A number 3, for example, it someone that is fun and easy to get along with.

  • Calculate Your Heart’s Desire Number

This is a number where you add all the values of the vowels together. You then break them down to a single digit. This is a way that you can figure out your life path.

  • Name Changes

You need to look at your name and find out if the name change that you are going to make would change your relationships or your personality. There are different changes that you will see, and you can find out your own numbers by going online or talking to a psychic. Try to see if the changes will affect each of your numbers and how it will affect your life and your marriage and other things.

Conversion Letter Chart

  • 1, A, J, S

This is a leadership number, and it means that you are a leader and that you are someone that has leadership qualities.

  • 2, B, K, T

This is a collaboration number. Those that have this energy will be able to bring people together to work and will be creative and artistic. They communicate well.

  • 3, C, L, U

This is an expressive expansion number. This is a number that draws people in but the person that has tis number is someone that is always fun to be around, but they take on too much at one time.

  • 4, D, M, V

This is called the Foundation or Stability number. This is a number where the person is dependable on and someone that is good at saving money and someone that has a firm and solid foundation.

  • 5, E, N, W

This is called the adventurer’s number. This is someone that likes to try new things and will seek out thrills while taking risks.

  • 6, F, O, X

This is a family number, and this is someone that is loving and supportive. This is a person that is compassionate and someone that is protective. They want to have strength and to bond together as a family.

  • 7, G, P, Y

The lifter of the veil number is one where the vibrations are high. This person has a lot of knowledge, and they love to learn. They are awakened and they are able to see things that other people don’t notice. This can also mean someone that investigates or someone that is an introvert.

  • 8, H, Q, Z

This is the life balance number. If you are someone that loves to look at signs or symbols, this is the number you probably have. This is someone that can open up their karma and will be able to manifest things. They can also make their dreams become reality and they are successful.

  • 9, I, R

This is the classic humanitarian number. This is a number where the person has learned a lot of life lessons. They are leaders and they are compassionate and full of intuition. They are caring and strong and are in touch with their spiritual self.

Final Thoughts

Getting your name changed doesn’t mean that you have to have just a legal situation for it to impact your life in certain ways. Since your name is always there with you, you will see that changing your name will change your life. Even though there is nothing wrong with changing your name, you might have a new life direction if you do.

Find a name that is successful for you and one that will help you to reach the goals in your life. Make sure that you are being happy and that you are making the best choices that you can as you change your name. If you have an organic name change, it will impact your life and if you are wanting a new name, make sure that you find the name based on numbers that will be positive for you.

Your name will help you to be successful and will make your life better. Calculate the meaning of your name and then talk to a psychic if you have questions on what your numerology says about your life and the details of it.