Does Your Ex Still Want You?

Does Your Ex Still Want You?

You’ve recently broken up with your partner but out of nowhere they have started texting you. They won’t stop and they won’t leave you alone. The truth is, they might be wanting to see if you’re still interested in them and if you want to get back together.

Find Out About You

It can be annoying to deal with an ex that is always asking about you. You might be healing, and you might not want to even talk about them, but they seem to keep following you and keep asking about you.

You might wonder why they are doing this. Of course, getting back together with them, even if you want to, might be too soon and it can end up not working out again and making it even harder to heal from.

Your ex might be asking about you not because they want to be with you but because they just want to know if you’re living a good life and to see how you’re doing.

Sometimes an ex will try to make you jealous to keep your attention. This can make you feel worse about the situation, and it can hurt you. Here are some other reasons they might be trying to find out about you:

    • They notice you’re different and they want to find out what caused you to change, or they might be testing the waters to see if you have changed your mind about the breakup and you want to get back together.
    • They might just be rude and just be wanting to make your feelings stronger so that you aren’t able to move on without them.

How Can You Tell if They Are Still Interested in Being with You?

Here are some ways that you can tell if they are trying to get back with you:

  • Ask About You

They might start asking about you because they miss you and they remember the good times that you had together. This might be a chance to rekindle the relationship.

  • They Don’t Pay Attention to You

Another sign is that they cut you completely out of their life and they don’t pay any attention o you anymore. They might be wanting to move on to something else in their life or they might be giving you the silent treatment so that you will notice it and you will text them first.

  • They Keep Your Stuff

You probably have left stuff at their house and vice versa. If they refuse to give your stuff back, then they might want to hold on to you a little longer. This can cause you to have to contact them and if they are keeping your stuff so that they don’t have to break off with you completely then they probably want you back.

  • Social Media Stalking

If your ex keeps messaging, you or they keep liking all of your social media posts or commenting on them then chances are they might want to get back with you. They sometimes will do this so that they can show you that they are still interested.

  • Getting You Riled Up

Sometimes an ex will do things to get your attention, or they will want to see if they can get a reaction from you. They might seem like they are trying to hurt you, but they just want a reaction from you.

If you respond to them in a negative way, then they might think that you’re still interested in them.

  • They Just Show Up

You might get your ex showing up at your door or you might see them show up at places that you go to often. They are trying to find out if you are happy that they are there or if you might still be interested in being with them.

  • They Message or Call

Sometimes an ex will message or call you to find out if you’re still interested in being with them. They will test you and just say something like “hey” in order to see if you want to talk to them or if you are still not trying to have conversation.

  • Trying to Tempt You

An ex that wants you back might try to tempt you to be back with them by making you jealous. If you want to be with them then you will act jealous if they post their dating life on social media or if you see them out with another woman. When you act jealous it shows them that you still like them.

  • Talking to You

If your ex is just trying to have a conversation with you to see what happens and where things go, then they might still like you. They might be afraid to tell you this, but they will show signs by trying to have a casual conversation.

  • They Need Your Help

Of all the times that your ex comes around it could be when they need your help or your support. This can confuse you, but the chance is that they are just testing to see if you still care about them. You might even offer to do something nice for them to make them feel better and this will give them a sign that you still like them.

  • They Talk About the Past

Having your ex-message you and talk about the past can mean that they’re interested in you. They might ask, “what if we hadn’t broken up” or other questions that make you think about the times that you were together and make you miss them.

  • Asking Things

If your ex is bold, they might just ask you about how you feel about them. They might ask you if you think things could work out between the two of you again.

  • Trying to Make Up

Your ex might want to see if you want to make the relationship work again and give it another try. They might feel that the breakup was their fault and tell you that they have changed. Or, if you are the one that ended it then they might wonder if you miss them too.

  • Being Open

One thing that your ex might do is to be open with you and to be vulnerable with you. They might open up their feelings to you on how they feel and how they miss you and see if you want to try again.

  • Changing

Your ex will make the changes that you wanted and then will point it out if he wants to get back with you. They will do this because these are the changes that you wanted them to make when they were with you, and they failed to do this.

They are hoping that you will see that they are doing better and that you might give them another chance.

  • Making Assumptions

If your ex is trying to get back with you, they might make a joke or make an assumption to see if they can get a reaction out of you. They might say how great you were as a couple or something similar to see if you agree with them.

If you tell them that it was good, but you’ve moved on then they can make it out like it was a joke but if you respond positively then they can try to get back together with you.

  • Mixed Signals

Your ex might go back and forth with you, or they might seem like they like you one day but then not talk to you for a week. This can be hurtful to you, and it can cause you to have mixed signals.

What if They Want to Get Back Together?

If you see that your ex is doing things to try and get back together with you then you need to decide what you want to do. Here are some things you need to do first:

  • Take Care of You

Make sure that you’re taking care of yourself and that you love who you are. Breaking up with someone you love can be hard and you need to make sure that your heart is protected and that you’re healed.

  • Respond or Don’t Respond

You are the one that is in control of your own life, and you can decide to respond to your ex, or you can decide that you don’t want to respond. You might be better off without them and if you are then don’t respond or fall into a trap with them.

  • Have Closure

If your ex wants to get with you but you want it to be over, you need to get closure. Don’t get upset that they want to be with you but instead talk to them and tell them that it is over and that you just want to move on in your life.

  • Decide if You Want to Get Back with Them

You get to decide if you want to be back with your ex or not. If they tell you that they still have feelings for you then you can decide if you want to be with them or if you’re better off without them.

  • Cut Out Contact

When your ex is constantly messaging or trying to talk to you, and you want to move on the best thing you can do is to cut off contact with them. Don’t let them keep going back and forth with you. When you say it’s over then they need to respect that its over.