Dating Out of Pity

Dating Out of Pity

Do you find yourself wondering what your partner sees in you? If you’re someone that is anxious, chances are that you might wonder here and there if your partner is dating you because they like you or if they are dating you because they feel sorry for you.

Dating someone because you feel sorry for them is called pity dating. Thee kinds of relationships do exist and this happens when you are dating someone that you don’t really like. Maybe you started out flirting heavily with them and you decided to ask them out, but you realized that you didn’t really like them that much, but you dated them because you feel bad.

This can happen sometimes because the person falls for you before you ever tell them that you don’t really like them and then you feel bad and so you keep the relationship going. Another thing that can happen sometimes is that you start dating someone and you see their flaws, but you think that you can fix them and change them, and you are now deeply involved and there has been no changes.

These are all pity relationships and even though they might seem serious, there is no real love that comes out of these relationships. One might have feelings and the other might not. When it comes to love, you sometimes might mix up the feelings of love or lust or love and compassion. This means that you might want someone but not love them or you might really care for them, but you don’t really love them.

What to Do In a Pity Relationship

If you’re in a pity relationship then you need to make sure that you are doing the right thing. You might find that you have lost interest, and you no longer ask your partner to help you, nor do you feel emotionally connected with them. When there is a lack of love and a lack of heart, this is a big sign that the relationship isn’t good and that you are only there because you feel sorry for them.

Maybe they are constantly irritating you or when they touch you, you cringe inside. You might hang out with them, but you find that when you’re with them it feels like you’re doing a job instead of having fun. You might wish that you were somewhere else.

What Does This Mean About You?

Being in a pity relationship doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person. It means that you are kind and compassionate and that you stayed with someone because you didn’t want to hurt them. Once you realize that you are in this kind of relationship, you need to figure out how to let them go.

A pity relationship will end up leaving you resentful and bitter and this will not be good for you or your partner.

Final Thoughts

It isn’t fair for you or your partner if you are in a pity relationship. No one should have to work hard for love and if you find that you no longer love your partner, find a way to let them go without hurting them too much.