How to Know They Are Cheating


There are some normal signs that people are able to look at and know if their partner is cheating or not and some are not as easy to know. You can look at these warning signs below and know that if there are a couple signs that you see, it might be something that is actually innocent. So, before you jump to conclusions that your spouse is cheating, get more signs.

Tarot cards are able to help you to know if someone is cheating on you or not. You can look at the zodiac sign and see if that person is more likely to cheat than other signs.

Talk it Out

You need to make sure that you are talking with your partner, and you are communicating. If you aren’t able to be honest and you aren’t able to communicate with them, you need to remember that this is one problem and can lead to them reaching out to someone else. Learn to open up with your partner and learn to communicate.

Signs They Are Cheating

Here are some of the most known signs that your partner might be cheating:

  • Sex Changes

Life can change and this can be hard for one partner or the other. This might mean that someone that you are with intimately all of a sudden stops wanting to have sex with you. If this is going on, you might want to find out if they are being intimate with someone else.

  • Change of Routine

A partner that begins to leave work earlier and doesn’t come home or one that leaves from the house earlier to go to work might be meeting up with someone. If this is happening suddenly and out of nowhere or on a specific day, pay attention.

  • Making New Friends

Does your partner keep talking about a new friend that they made. It seems that you need to pay attention to this and listen to your gut. Notice if other behavior has changed.

  • They Want Alone Time

Some people need to have alone time but if this is something new, chances are that something is changing. If they are out of nowhere closing the doors or staying in the bathroom with the door locked, they might be talking to someone else.

  • Changing Styles

Partners that start changing their style or doing things to change their appearance like losing weight or wearing new clothes might have something up their sleeves.

  • Not Communicating

As mentioned above, communication is the key to almost any relationship. If your partner is always talking to other people but not giving you attention, then chances are that they might be talking to another woman.

  • Money Situations

Does your partner keep spending money that you can’t account for? This could be to take someone out to dinner or to buy someone else gifts or presents. Pay attention to where the money is going.

  • Telling Lies

Honesty is a big thing and if your partner stops being honest and all of a sudden starts telling lies, this can be a bad sign. Notice if they have a change in mood or if they are not telling you the truth about little things or big things.

  • Forgetfulness

If your partner talks about seeing a movie with you or eating at a certain restaurant with you and you know that you never did that with them, they might be doing it with someone they are cheating on you with.

  • Strange Smells or Strange Occurrences

Are you noticing that your partner smells differently like cigarette smoke or like a different kind of perfume that you don’t wear? Do you see lipstick on their clothes or something out of the ordinary? This could be the evidence that your partner is with someone else. An STD is a sign that can’t be ignored.

Healing After Cheating

After you find out that your partner is cheating, it will take time to heal, if you decide to be with them, the rules need to change. There can’t be any secrets. Chances are that you will feel in shock, and you will not know what to do with the information that you have. It will take you time to get over this.

Don’t let other people tell you how to handle this situation. Avoid those people and learn to make your own decisions. You can talk to a counselor or someone that you are close to. These people can help you to decide what you should do next.

Never blame yourself that your partner has cheated on you. Even if your partner tells you that it’s your fault, you aren’t the one that caused him to cheat. Don’t let him cause you to feel that you are a bad partner.

Final Thoughts

You will feel betrayed if you have a partner that cheats on you. If you get into this situation then you need to find a way to heal and then decide if you are moving on or staying in the relationship. You might need to take a break from them for a short amount of time and see where the relationship goes and if you can even build trust again.