Monday , April 29 2019
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What Happens To Your Life Energy When Someone Cheated

 Plenty asked me recently and and requested  to discuss what it means spiritually and energetically when someone cheats in a relationship. It’s a hard topic but very common. Why is it really hard for the victim to let go.. Why do they cheat.. Since there are a lot of people …

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All about Psychics and Sixth Sense

“Do i have a sixth sense?” The common question that we asked ourselves discreetly. Although we usually hear the term “sixth sense” used to refer to psychic ability or psychic power.  It is the sense outside of our five physical senses – sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Others may refer to …

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Telepathy, a form of extrasensory perception (ESP), is the direct communication between two living beings on a level that is void of written or verbal communication or the use of the five senses. One is considered the “sender” or “transmitter,” and the other is the “receiver.” Telepathy is not limited …

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