Memories of Your Past Life

Memories of Your Past Life

Have you ever felt like you were somewhere before, and you aren’t sure why you feel that way? Have you ever felt like you had a past memory, but you were unable to really put your finger on it? If this has happened to you then you probably wonder about reincarnation and rebirth and wonder how you can learn about your past life.

The idea of a past life and cellular memory ahs been around for thousands of years and it allows many to believe that this idea is true. It sounds interesting but how can you find out about your past life and find out where the memories came from?

If you want to find out about your past life and figure out what it was like, learn more about the idea of cellular memory. This article will help you to discover some new information on your physical, emotional, and mental past life memories.

Cellular Memory

Cellular memory means that your brain can go beyond remembering experiences from your past but that it also has recalled experiences from our past life.

These memories can affect what you want in your life and what you need. Some believe that cellular memory can tell you about what you were like in your past life.

If you want to know more about this, you have to do more than sit around and try to remember things and figure out what methods can help you find out your past life memories.

Signs of Having a Past Life

Thinking about your past life can mean that you have regression which means you are hiding information from your past life. This can prove that you had a past life when you have a skill that you never learned or when you are able to perfect an accent.

Most people have past life stories that are subtle, but some people actually remember things and look at the world differently because of their past life memories.

Here are some signs of your past life clues:

Déjà vu

Déjà vu is a feeling that you can get that makes you feel like you have been somewhere before or that you heard or met someone before. You might even smell the same smell or hear a song that you remember but aren’t sure how. Even visiting a place can be familiar when you experience déjà vu. When you have these strong feelings, it can mean you have been there before in a past life.

Déjà vu can be frustrating because you will have a feeling and no other information to go on. This can be like a movie and your mind can bring something to your remembrance that you have never seen before. You can trigger things inside of you to bring memories of your past life to you. Always be open when you get these feelings.


One of the most common signs of having a past life is that you have memories that you do not know where they came from. These memories can come with déjà vu and they can leave you feelings strange and leave you wondering what had happened.

This can also happen if you have faulty memories or if you had something happen in your childhood that you hid from yourself. Find out if you have this memory for a reason or if you are having a memory from a past life.


Dreams can reveal a lot about people and if you have past life regression and you are sleeping, you might have vivid dreams. This can be experiences that you are have had in your past life and now you are dreaming about them.

Some of these dreams can be nightmares because you may have had something traumatic happen to you that you forgot.

These memories are significant, and you need to write them down so that you can remember and try to figure out the signs of your past life. Do some research and see what you can find.

Phobias and Fear

Think about things in your life that you are afraid of and try to figure out why. Do you have phobias that make no sense to you? If you do, chances are that you experienced something that caused you discomfort or caused you pain. These things can cause you to be afraid of things such as heights or of spiders. These fears come from somewhere and it can be likely that they come from your past life.

Some other phobias like the fear of water can come because you have experienced trauma in your past life such as drowning. If you have irrational fears and you don’t know why, this can be a past life situation.

Strong Passion

Do you feel passionate about something and you love to do things that other people do not want to do? Do you focus your item on hobbies that you love, and you don’t know where you even picked them up?

There are many reasons why passions form and if you find that you cannot go a day without thinking of this passion then this can mean that you have had this occupation in your past life.

Another thing that is a sign is that you are creative, and you do not know where you picked up this gift.


Do you find that you have habits that are hard for you to understand or even explain? This can be similar to the passion thing and when you find that these habits are always there, this can be a past life sign.

These habits can be bad habits like being obsessive compulsive and stress and anxiety.

The habits that you have might make you feel comfortable, but these are things that you have picked up from somewhere and it can be a sign you picked them up from your past life.


Are you sick in your body or your mind and you do not know why? Do you have diseases that doctors are not able to explain? Do you have pain in your body? All of this could be because of something in your past life.

If you have an ache it could be an injury that you have experienced in your past. This can cause you to notice things that repeat themselves like leg pain or other pain and this could be because you were an athlete or in a war.


Another big sign of a past life is a birthmark. Many people have these, and they ignore them or think they are caused by the way that you were in your mom’s womb. Birthmarks can happen for people that have reincarnated because of things that happened in their past life.

There are ways that you can tell if your birthmark is related to the past life and this is by looking at images and by finding out if you had an old injury in your past life.

There are things that could have happened to you that caused you to have these birthmarks.


If you have had anything above happen to you, chances are you have past life memories and you need to explore your past life even further.