11 Unique Ways You Know You’ve Been Awakened Spiritually

You’ve Been Awakened Spiritually

Spiritual matters only seem convoluted since they are so much more complex than Earthly issues.  Beginning a spiritual path can feel daunting because we are like an empty vessel yearning to be filled.

As each new phase of spiritual growth, we gain new knowledge and understanding of the how we interact with the world around us.  This allows us to enjoy a renewed sense of purpose.  Since the journey of spiritual awakening is so long people often fail to acknowledge the milestones of spiritual wisdom.  This list will help you learn to honor the subtle, yet profound ways you have changed and blossomed spiritually.

1. You appreciate time alone:

You can honor the value of both socializing with others, and time with yourself.  When you are alone you can listen to your inner wisdom and gain comfort in the silence. It doesn’t matter if you are relaxing in bed or surrounded by the healing of elements of nature, while others are afraid of being alone, you embrace it.

2. You discover the deeper meaning in each occurrence:

While other see only of the surface, you yearn to dive into the water.  You constantly seek out the hidden messages, signs and symbols that surround you.  While others may just see the time, you explore the meaning behind the numbers.  Using your knowledge of numerology, you deserve the message the Universe is sending you through the numbers on the screen.

3. You swim upstream:

You are a trendsetter with immense confidence.  You unabashedly embrace your essence and what makes you special.  You value the differences in each person and see the world as a rich tapestry of beliefs, values and experiences.  Because of this, you stand up and give voice for he voiceless. Refusing to conform to social trends, you blaze your own trail.

4. People seek your advice:

You are the person your friends and family rely on in any situation. Others value your opinions because are quick to offer a kind word or fresh perspective on an array of issues.  You are accessible, non-judgmental and compassionate, providing people comfort in even in the most difficult situations.

5. You don’t fear pain:

Spiritual awakening brings lingering hurts to the forefront of one’s mind.  This serves to purge I negative or toxic experiences or situations from your past.  By not fearing pain you can take a more objective viewpoint to create meaningful solutions and free yourself from the unnecessary baggage that you are carrying.

6. You separate fact from fiction:

You constantly analyze any information presented to you, by doing so you are seeing how much “fake news” permeates this world.  Whether gossip to half-truths, to over embellishments on social media, truth is hidden by the amount of hype, and propaganda that exists.  When you question the information presented to you, perform the necessary research you are able to discover the facts from the fiction and create the best path forward for you.

7. You can be a rebel:

It is not that you dislike authority, but by actively questioning information rather than acting on blind faith you raise red flags.  People in power disliked being questioned or second-guessed.  You typically honor rules, but if there is a flaw in the logic, you will discover it.

8. You are open-minded:

You have your own ideas, thoughts, and opinions, but you also honor other points of view.  This feeds your love of learning and self-growth.  You might not always have the right perspective, but through discussion you can identify the correct answer.

9. You frequently have vivid dreams:

As you spiritual awaken, you become more harmonized with the energies of the universe. One of the key ways spirits attempt to communicate with via our dreams, rich with vivid images, signs, and symbols.  Your dreams are so realistic, you might even wake up only to question if you are still sleeping or not.

10. You sincerely want to heal the world:

You walk the talk on ways to protect and empower those around you and the physical planet.  People might view you as a dreamer, you honestly believe that you can help the world with a little hard work and pure intentions.  Compassionate and attentive, you boldly will give direct assets from your life to accomplish these lofty goals.

11. You prioritize others ahead of yourself:

As you awaken spiritual, you become attune to the fallacy society created of a need to put one’s ego first at all times.  Instead of seeking validation, worship, and self-esteem from external sources, you have discover the greatest truth is what we give to others and the role you play in uplifting the universal community.