Spiritual Ego

Spiritual Ego

When you are not mindful of others it can cause destruction in your life but not in a violent way.  It can cause your spiritual ego to be attacked and you will mask this with good intentions.  This can cause you to be awakened and teach you to be humble.

This can be a trap and many spiritual seekers fall into this and they decide that they are not able to be spiritual and then become spiritual narcissist.

Spiritual narcissism is one of the most tragic things that can happen to someone.

Spiritual Ego

A spiritual ego is the sense of self that we have.  This is our survival and is the source of all the suffering we have.  We are whole with our ego and it is our spirit.

Our spiritual ego is what we carry around and when we don’t have a developed ego it can cause things to be bad for us.

Developing the Spiritual Ego

If you want to develop your spiritual ego you have to approach the spiritual path.  You have to move beyond the go and when you do this you can become a slave to the ego, or you can practice and rule it out.  You can do this with action.  You have to be positive and build your identity around your spiritual being and not ignore things that happen to you or consequences.

Becoming a Spiritual Narcissist

Spiritual narcissism is when you are egotistic and become fixed on the idea of your spiritual greatness.  This is something where you feel inflated and more important than other people.

You will have beliefs of your own perspectives and you will acknowledge that you cannot tolerate other humans.  Spiritual narcissists cannot tolerate being around people and they feel that they are wiser than others.

This begins with spiritual materialism and this is where you always have a seed that goes unchecked and unchallenged and it grows and grows.

It causes us to be sidetracked by things that make us destructible and we are on a bad path when this happens.

Part of your spiritual ego can be:

  • Saying that you have access to the spirit guides.
  • Believing that you are a superior being.
  • Believing that you come from someone famous.
  • Taking pictures of yourself often and posting them to feel better about yourself.
  • Saying others cannot understand you because they are not awakened.
  • Using Dharma to not be vulnerable.
  • Showing empathy just because you want to look good.
  • Having low vibes and thinking other people are asleep.
  • Flaunting your gifts.

Signs of a Spiritual Ego

There are signs that you have a spiritual ego, and this can trap you and cause you to use ideas and paths that will inflate your own ego.

When this happens, it can cause you to abuse others and cause you not to do the right thing.

Spiritual beings have experiences and are imperfect and this means that everyone that practices spirituality should be honest and open with themselves.  They should defend against egotism

Here are signs that you have a spiritual ego and you need to look out for this:

  • Posting about your accomplishments.
  • Saying you are superior to others.
  • Attempting to take on godlike qualities
  • Believing that you connected with the divine deeper than others.
  • Focus on your own spirituality
  • Judging other for not being awakened as you are.
  • Flaunting your spiritual gifts.
  • Using spiritual words so you are not wrong.
  • Being overly identified with your gifts.
  • Trying to convert people.
  • Lack of curiosity
  • Wearing a mask of being nice.

Those that have spiritual egotism often will reaffirm themselves and will try to convert others.  This can be hard to call out and define because they will always want to justify themselves.

Why is This Dangerous?

This can be dangerous because it causes people to think that they are spiritually awakened, and it is hard to catch.  A spiritual ego makes someone feel powerful and makes them to challenge others and they see their self-worth as more than other peoples.

Having a spiritual ego means that they are not evolving like they should, and they cannot grow anymore.  The deadliest path that someone can take is when they think that they have arrived even if they haven’t.  This is not a good thing and can bring on darkness and pain.

When someone is ego based, it can cause them to be further away from the light and the divine and cause them to have a god like complex.  This person is living in hell and they will cause other harm.  They will have no light and will cause people to suffer.

Stopping a Spiritual Ego

When you see this, you have to be open and honest with yourself and others.  Practice self-love and inner work.

Everyone has a shadow side, or an ego and we have to become aware of it, so we do not get spiritual egotism.  Ask yourself things such as:

  • What would I do if I saw someone experiencing spiritual ego?
  • Can I face my inner being?
  • What areas do I feel superior to 0others?
  • How do I be consistent with my thoughts and feelings?

You need to talk to a trusted friend or a spiritual leader to help you when you feel that you are falling into spiritual egotism.  Make sure that you call out your faults and that you are ready to face them head on.