Receiving Messages

Receiving psychic Messages

Everyone has at least a couple of angels and they are helpers that come to help protect you and to help you get new ideas.  If you have at least two helpers, then you have come to have a purpose in your life to work with other people.

Angels and Spirit Guides

Your angels or spirit guides will come and try to communicate with you in different ways.  They will naturally be there for you and even if you doubt yourself, you will be impressed with them by the way that they show up.

First Impression

Your first impression is what your spirit guide has to work with.  When your mind and ideas get in the way of what the angels are trying to tell you, it can cause you to have a strong desire to do something and can make you talk y yourself out of something that you should be doing.  These can be excuses at work or the way that you think about things.

You have a free will and the angels will never command you to do something, they will just make decisions and suggestions.

When your spirit guides are trying to communicate with you, you can feel:

  • Chills
  • Tingling
  • Reassurance
  • Strength
  • Guidance
  • Love

Strong Feelings

You will have love and guidance from your spirit guides, and they will be there to help keep you safe.  When you learn to trust your gut instincts and your strong feelings then you will see that your thoughts can stop your mind from being quiet.  You already know the answers you have inside of you.

Insight and Understanding

If you have had a piece of insight come to you, it comes from your angels.  You have to learn to know this and trust what you are feelings.


Most of the time, the spirit guide will talk to you in a way that is relaxing and quiet.  Even though you have free will, your angels will make it feel like you are having a thought of your own and you will learn to relax and to hear the angels speaking to you.

Symbolic Dreams

When you have dreams, you should write them down.  These can come when you are asleep or in daydreams.  Ask your angels to help you and to let you know what the dream means.  Journal your dreams so you can remember them.


If you have been walking and you see a flash that shows you that someone needs you to call or someone needs your help or if you find yourself in a place at the right time to help someone then you can be more successful in your walk.

Direct Answers

You can learn to get direct answers when you ask your spirit guides questions.  Practice this so that you can work about your own self and work with your spiritual gifts and increase your vision and your feelings and your intuition.

If you want to learn to communicate with the angels, look online or find a psychic that can guide you in a way to help you.  You can do this, and you are strong.