What Swans Symbolize

What Swans Symbolize

Dreaming of a swan or encountering one when you least expect it can be a good sign. This sometimes means love, chastity, partnership, faith, loyalty and sometimes it can even mean that you or someone you know is getting married.

Spiritual Meaning of the Swan

The swan is a very beautiful bird and is known to be graceful and elegant. They are known for how they look; their beautiful coloring and they are a sign of innocent and unity.

A black swan can mean something that is full of mystery or something that you are hiding either from yourself or from other people and it could be time for you to let it out of the bag.

This can also mean transformation such as the ugly duckling that became a beautiful swan. The swan can mean love and friendship and strong relationships. It can symbolize harmony and love and can help you to have positive things happen in your life.

A swan can be a warrior when it has young and is very protective and brave. Swans can also mean healing or gracefulness and if you need healing energies and you see a swan, it can be a sign from the universe.

The swan can be one of the messages that your angels send you. It can be sent to you so that you can learn to relax and be happy. This can be an earth angel and it can come with you for love and acceptance and it can tell you to keep doing the work that you are doing.

A swan can bring you love and strong vibrations and can help you to know and understand love.

Dreaming of a Swan

When you dream of a swan, it can be a dream that is there so that you can know that peace is coming in your life.

A swan can also represent a good outcome and it can help you to know that a good experience is coming to you that you will want to be a part of. It can represent being prosperous and having a strong outlook on life.

If you see a swan actually flying around, it can mean that you are dreaming of something and it is about to come true for you.

Black Swan

A black swan can mean that you are doing something that is pleasuring you, but it is not good for you. It can mean that you are in a situation that is dark and that you are hiding it form people.

Dead Swan

A dead swan in your dream can symbolize that you are unhappy in your life and that you need to find your true happiness and get rid of things that are holding you back.


Dreams can be very interesting and exciting and if you are dreaming of a swan, chances are you are doing something good and right in your life. If you are confused about your dream, ask your spirit guide to tell you what your dream means and to lead you down the right path.