Recognizing an Energy Vampire

Recognizing an Energy Vampire

Relationships have both advantages and disadvantages. They can build us up and energize us or completely drain us. It can be a comforting refuge or highly chaotic and full of drama. In this mix of relationship is the energy vampire.

Energy vampires are those who leave use drained in every aspect. They leave us fatigued, negative, stressed, and even financially ruined. They provide toxic relationships rather than those of comfort and nurturing.

Energy vampires have several common traits. It would serve you well to understand how to spot them and protect yourself.

Energy Vampires Are Hard to Spot

They are the epitome of wolves in sheep’s clothing. They typically are the type of people most would be initially attracted to. Energy vampires can be good looking, charming, and successful.

Empaths Attract Them

Empaths have attractive energy fields and feel compassion even for those in dark places. That makes them the perfect targets for these energy predators, who feed on goodness and compassion.

They Affect You Physically

Energy vampires can affect anyone they come in contact with but intuitive empaths are the most traumatized by them. These empaths take in negativity and pain into their own body, which exhausts them and can sometimes make them sick.

There Is Always Drama

Energy vampires thrive off the drama and tend to not have a life full of it but somehow manage to drag you into it. This is one reason many people find themselves exhausted after dealing with this type of person.

Protection Is Needed

You will need to protect yourself from energy vampires regardless of whether you are an empath or not. This involves several facets that include setting boundaries, using your intuitive nature to avoid these people, or simply taking time off from communicating with them. In the worst scenarios, you must end the relationship entirely.

Your intuition will tell you whether you are around an energy vampire. Those first instincts may be dismissed because they are attractive and charming, but you should listen to your gut. If you find yourself in this type of relationship, don’t be afraid to set boundaries and tell them of the rules. Also, develop the courage to end the relationship if it becomes too problematic.