Intuition: What You May Not Know

Intuition: What You May Not Know

Everyone has some form of intuitive ability, even if we do not realize it. Tuning into this intuition and guides can have positive, drastic impact on our lives. There are several things you may not know about your ability and how they can be accessed. These are shared below.


Intuition evolves over time. While some people may discover their gifts early, some o not find them until later or new ones grow an develop with practice. Study and practice are important for improvement.


Everyone’s intuition is unique to them. Some people may sense emotions, while others hear a gentle inner voice or even see images in the mind. Others will have experiences unique to them as well or a mix of different kinds. You may even have dreams that are prophetic in nature or receive synchronicities. The truth is we all have this sixth sense, but the way it is experienced can vary greatly from person to person.

Utilizing Intuition

When you get in touch with your intuition it can be a practical tool in your every day life. While getting in touch with your intuition is mystical and spiritual, it is also pragmatic. It is one of those things that will improve the little areas of life and the bigger items that can change your whole life course. Learning to connect and even consult your intuition is savvy, grounded, and even a smart move.

The Spectrum

Intuition exists on a spectrum for people. There are exercises and quizzes to find out where you land on that spectrum, but some will be naturally stronger than others. Wherever you happen to fall on that continuum, you can change your positioning with greater awareness and curiosity, as well as practicing your ability.

The Sensitivity Link

Those who are highly sensitive are hyper perceptive which means they can pick up on subtle stimuli much more easily. This also means their nervous systems can become overwhelmed easily, so, they are likely to enjoy spending time alone doing things that are low stimulation, like walking or reading. This allows them to recharge. If highly sensitive people pick up on energy shifts from others, they may also be able to easily pick up on their own intuition. This can be helpful.

Mindfully Connecting

The best decisions are made when the head, heart, and intuition are all considered. The sixth sense is a trusted advisor of sorts an should be considered when making big decisions in life.

Intuitive Information Shows Up

Intuitive information can appear suddenly or over time. You may be having a conversation, hearing one thing, but a flash feeling tells you this information is inaccurate. Other times, you may be focused on something, asking for answers, but the answer is delayed by a week or more. This is normal and can happen both ways for the same person, just wait it out if answers are not immediate.

Different Sources

Intuitive guidance can come from different sources. Angels, higher self, and ascended masters can often offer intuitive information. Over time, you can learn to discern where the intuition is starting. Though the source does not actually matter, the guidance does.


Often, the best intuitive guidance is an idea or thinking that you would never arrive at with your typical, logical approach. If your intuition is telling you something shocking, do not immediately put it off because it is not logical. Pay close attention to out of the box ideas because they can be transformative, powerful, and authentic guidance from your sixth sense.

Honing Intuition

One reason people do not trust their intuition is that they fear they are inventing the guidance. The guides often relate that people miss a great deal of guidance they send. Intuition picks up on guidance, so working to understand and improve this intuition brings you closer to the spirit. As your guides see you are improving intuition, they will send more signs because they know you will pick up on them.