Knowing Your Spirit Guides

Knowing Your Spirit Guides

Do you ever wonder who your spirit guides are? Your spirit guides are spiritual beings that are there to help you and to keep you safe. They are there to make sure that you are doing the right things in your life and that you are getting the information you need.

What Are Spirit Guides?

A spirit guide is just a general term that covers all of the guides that a person can have such as a Starseed, shaman, goddess, angels, archangels, ascended masters and more. The guides may not have spent time on the earth or maybe they have ascended.

Some of the guides are extra-terrestrial’s while others are only from a different realm. Most people only have one main guide or angel that is there to help them. These guides are there from birth to death.

Your main guide is someone that is there to protect you and they were given to you when you were born. You can access other guides, but your main guide will be there for the lifetime of your soul.

There are many guides that you will meet along your journey and they will come when you need them the most.

Avoiding Guides

You might wonder if there are any guides that you should avoid, and the truth is that not all guides are the same. You need to be careful who you listen to and who you let guide you and give you advice.

Some guides have low vibrations and they do not match your energy vibrations. This means they will not be able to help you as much as other guides.

Everyone needs to use their intuition when they are reaching out to their guides. If you feel negative when you feel your guide come, then chances are you need to release them and let them go. Always remember to be respectful.

Types of Spirit Guides

There are different types of spirit guides and here are some of the main ones you may meet over your lifetime:

Guides and Angels

The guides and angels are there with you from birth to death. They come to you and help you reach the purpose in your life.

These guides are there to save you and protect you. They help you to increase your vibrations and they show you unconditional love.

These guides will have strong vibrations and they can use this to give you wisdom and to help you through your life. They will never leave you and when you connect with them, you will learn more about them.

Your guides can share their name, culture, and other background information with you. They will make sure not to give you too much information at once.


Some of your guides are there for divine timing. They are part of your journey and they are there to help you make the right decisions.

Do not be mad or annoyed when they do not give you what you want right away and always know that they are there for you when you need them.

These guides will help you to see synchronicities and symbols. Always thank them for being with you and if you have a message you don’t understand, ask them.


Warriors are spirit guides that are there to protect you and to watch out for your mind, body, and spirit. They are there to protect you from things such as psychic attacks.

These guides will guide you and help you to know what it takes to reach your higher self. They will be there for you when something isn’t right in your life and they will help to protect you.

Creative Guides

The creative guides are creative, and they are good at music and art. They help you to find your talents and to know what you are good at.

These guides are not just artists, but they are any guides that are creative and help you to find your passions.


The Gatekeepers are the guides that keep your Akashic Records. These are records form everything that has happened in your past.

These spirit guides will protect you and help you to communicate with others.


A teacher guide is someone that will help you along your journey. They are very wise, and they will be there with you when you meditate and will send you signs.

People are never afraid of the teacher guides because they are not harmful in any way or manner. When you have bad things happen to you, these are lessons that can help you move forward in life.

Happy Guides

Happy guides are there to help you have fun and to laugh and be creative. They come when your emotions are high and when you need someone to be there for you.

These guides bring you joy, and they want you to laugh.

Healing Guides

Healing guides are there to help heal your mind, body, and soul. They will heal your emotions and they will help your body to be stronger when you are weak.

You have probably met these guides many times and do not even know it.

Spirit Animals

Spirit animals are your furry friends that are there to guide you and give you strength. They are part of the earth and part of Mother Gaia.  They will protect you and keep you grounded.

Helper Guides

Helper guides are there when you need something specific done. They are spirits that are free and will help you with a project or other things you need.


Your ancestor guides are there to guide you and even though this may be someone that you have known, it doesn’t have to be someone that was in your life. This can be someone that is from generations before you were even born.