Having Psychic Children

Having Psychic Children

People often wonder about psychic children and the reality that they are able to sense things differently than their five senses.  The truth is that if you are gifted in the psychic realm, chances are that your child will have these strong abilities as well.

The reason is that most children are full of light in their souls and they have not learned to block things because of pain or experiences in life that have caused them hurt, stress or heartache.

Each and every person has psychic gifts and spiritual gifts, but they have to be developed if someone wants to use them.

Children are different and when kids come into the world, their system is strong, and they have gifts from previous generations.  Its not that the kids are better than anyone else, they have a new mindset and knew smarts.  They have learned to understand things in their life, and they know new ways to process things and to use their psychic gifts.

Each child will receive unique information and will have different strengths and abilities, just as adults do, they will just learn how to use their sense such as clairvoyance, psychic feelings, clairaudience and more.

These ways that children translate their psychic abilities will differ form child to child and some children might feel things while other children might see and hear things.

The psychic abilities do seem to come from parents, especially ones that are closed off to their own psychic gifts.  This can cause parents of children that are psychic to be fearful and worry that something is wrong with their child.  The truth is the child is just more developed than a lot of people and they are using these abilities to navigate through their lives.

There is nothing to worry about if your child is developed in their psychic gifts and this can help them to navigate through their life with less stress and more power.

How do you know if your child is psychic?  Children that are psychic are easy to identify.  The child will be unique so their abilities might be different, and they might use them a different way but here are some top ways that you can tell if you have a child psychic.

Signs Your Child Might Be Psychic

  • Your child has strong emotions and sensitivity.
  • They are sensitive to places and things.
  • Have a creative imagination.
  • Are very smart.
  • Easily distracted.
  • Have strong mood swings.
  • Nightmares can be common.
  • Strong dreams that are vivid.
  • Have problem sleeping or going to bed.
  • They might be afraid of the dark.
  • Afraid to be alone.
  • Talk about their dead loved ones, even ones they have not met before.
  • Talk about angels and spirits.
  • Have imaginary friends.
  • They are interested in a unique time period.
  • The get overly energetic.
  • They have headaches.
  • Experience anxiety.
  • They are tired and sluggish a lot.
  • They feel isolated from their peers.
  • They get made fun of.
  • They remember their past life even if they have never known about this.
  • They get nervous around certain people.
  • They have separation anxiety.
  • They get strong vibes from certain people.
  • Tune into the energies of others.
  • See flashes of lights.
  • Have things happen they cannot understand.
  • Enjoy spending time in nature.
  • Want to see other people get healed.
  • See auras of others.
  • See spirits around people.
  • Are very wise for their age.
  • Very insightful.

None of these are exactly what your child might experience if he or she is a psychic child, because all children will react differently to their gifts.  This is just a list that can prove that your child is using senses above their normal five senses to know things from the universe.

Why Do Children Have Gifts?

Children that are psychic have these gifts for a very strong purpose.  Each reason is unique, and they will have a mission to bless others and to help to restore energy of the universe that is lost.  They want to bring peace to the Earth and will also want to see other people healed of their sicknesses or their ailments.  These children will want to see people be whole both physically and mentally and they might even be able to deliver messages to people from those that have passed away.

Children that have psychic gifts will share their vibrations of light and love and will be full of joy in each and every moment of their life, even when life is hard.

Some psychic children will end up blocking these gifts that they have when they become adults because they don’t want to be looked at like they are weird or strange.  They don’t want people that are their age to make fun of them or to put them down.

When this happens to children, they will eventually reach a point as adults where they feel that they have no purpose and they are disconnected with their life.  They might even experience a lot of loss and darkness but if their gifts come back, they will realize they had a purpose and they will have a deeper understanding of what their gifts are.


There are some practices that people can do to encourage psychic children to keep their gifts.

A real psychic development and having spiritual development go hand in hand and if you want to have spiritual practices, you will have to develop your psychic gifts at the same time.  You will become more aware of the world around you and will be more spiritual.  These paths lead to each other and they are a source of love and light.  This energy will flow and will create oneness.  This path will help you find others that need you.

Adults such as teachers, parents and other friends and family members have the chance to support children that have psychic gifts.  They should encourage them to reach their potential and to follow their desire for humanity and for the universe.  They should celebrate these children and learn to support them without judgment.