Why They Come Back After Ignoring You

They Come Back After Ignoring You

When you like someone and they stop talking to you and ghost you out of nowhere, this can be confusing and hurtful. You probably think that this person really likes you and you care about them. Chances are that things were going great and then he cut you off for no real reason.

If this is something that has happened to you, you might wonder if they are ever going to talk to you again and get back with you. Maybe the person that ghosted you texted you recently and you aren’t sure how to take it. You don’t know what he even wants.

Why Do They Ignore You and Then Come Back?

Think about when people start dating each other. They are really into each other and then out of nowhere, the guy starts to wonder if he should be dating you. He doesn’t know if he wants to commit to you and he is worried about how fast things are going.

He might have been showing off at first and acting like he knew just what he wanted, but now he isn’t quite sure. He might not want to let you go completely but he also might not want to commit to you. So, this is why he chooses to ghost you.

By ghosting you, he doesn’t have to tell you anything is ending or tell you that he wants to stay with you. He might be wondering if he really wants to keep the relationship going and so this is the best way for him to handle it right now.

He might still follow you on social media to keep up with your life and he might leave room so that he can come back to you and get with you again if he chooses that later.

When Will They Come Back?

Not everyone that ghosts people will come back but if you are dating someone that stops talking to you out of nowhere and then a few days later, he messages you, there could be different reasons for this.

Maybe he has left you for like a week and hasn’t responded to you. This could be a guy that is emotionally unavailable to you, and he has a hard time explaining what he is feeling. Or he could be hiding something from you.

The question though is if a guy is really ghosting you if they don’t talk to you for just a few days?  This is up to what you feel about the situation.

When a guy ghosts someone, it is statistically thought that they will come back within 3-6 months and this depends on who they are, what they feel and what the situation really is. Some ghosters will come back after a few days and some after a year. Other ghosters will never come back.

Do They Regret Their Decisions?

Most of the time someone that ghosts you doesn’t regret how they treated you. You might hope that they do but they probably don’t. They don’t believe that they really did anything wrong, and they left the relationship open ended. They didn’t break up with you or commit to you and so they have nothing to regret.

The only time that the ghosters might see that they are wrong is if they want to try to restart the relationship, but you don’t give them the time of day. This is when he might regret how he treated you.

What Does Returning Mean for You?

If a ghoster comes back, you might wonder what this means. There are different reasons that a guy will ghost you and then come back. He might still be attracted to you and want to be with you again. This doesn’t mean that he cares for you, it just means he likes you.

When a guy ghosts you, he isn’t mature, and he doesn’t know how to be serious and to be committed to someone. If he comes back after a short amount of time, it can mean that he saw something special in you and you shared a deep connection, and he wants that back.

Or he might see that you are going to move on, and he doesn’t want to totally lose you. This can mean that he wants to get back with you again.

Starting Up After Ignoring

You might wonder if you should take back someone that has ghosted you or not. He did this once to you and there are chances that he is going to do it again. He isn’t someone that you can really trust, and he hasn’t been very honest with you.

If he really cared about you, he would have told you what was going on and he wouldn’t have kept you guessing. Of course, maybe you want to give him another chance and that is totally up to you. You might find that he has matured and that you are able to work the relationship out even after how he treated you.

Don’t be unprepared when you go back into this relationship though. Know that there is a chance that he will ghost you again. Don’t expect that he has totally changed. Even if you decide to give him another chance, keep a lock on your heart until you can truly trust him again.