15 things you never knew about your guardian angel

15 things you never knew about your guardian angel

15 things you never knew about your guardian angelThe bible focuses a lot on angels. Jesus himself told us that angels are real. However, we rarely ever think about them.

Below are a few things that you might have not known about angels:

  1. They get dressed up

You probably thinking that angels have wings or are babies. No. that’s not the case. They take human form when the need arises and this is the dressing up part.

  1. They are very smart

They don’t reason the same way as humans do. They have no intermediate steps in their reasoning, they just go straight to conclusions.

  1. Some of them are possibly laughing at you at the moment

Because of their smartness, they find humor in a lot of things. But not in a mean way, the things we do just amuse them.

  1. They are all unique

Each angle is unique from any other angel in a way that each one could be deemed as a different species. Each one has their personality

  1. They never get bored

They have no sense of time since they exist beyond our space-time, therefore they don’t wait. Also, their main subjects are humans and humans don’t end…

  1. They adore us

With the power to think and chose (free will), they show no intention except to see us in heaven where we belong.

  1. They have telepathic abilities

They lack physical bodies to speak so they just transmit their thoughts with one another.

  1. They have an unending contact with God

As they give us attention, they are always glorifying God and carrying out his wishes. They are omnipresent as well-meaning they can operate on earth without leaving heaven.

  1. They operate in a contained space

Since they lack a body, they just surround us all the time and we might not be able to see them

  1. They are very beautiful creatures

They are more Godly than us and God is beauty. Despite attempts by artists to capture these angels, they will always fail since there is no equal comparison in this world

  1. They respect their hosts

There is a Jewish tradition that is used to determine whether angels visited. Angels only take what they are offered, not less, not more.

  1. They are genderless

Gender is very biological and has nothing to do with personality. Femininity and masculinity, are far beyond biology. Some angels may possess feminine traits than masculine ones, but that doesn’t define their gender. All biblical angels are masculine but could be due to cultural reasons back then, as males were more superior figures.

  1. Women see them more often than men

Women tend to be more intuitive than men and as we kn0w angels are intuitive beings, they tend to be on the same frequency as the females

  1. They are quite fearsome

All of them are good but doesn’t mean comfortable and in the bible, most of them start by saying “Do not be afraid”

  1. They are inspirational

If you have ever been inspired to do something out of the ordinary which turned out to be very good in the end, then it must have been the angels.

They are real and tend to protect, enlighten, guide and love. Whenever you’re going through ups and downs, pray to them as below:

Angel of god

My guardian dear

To whom Gods love commits me here

Ever this day be at my side

To light and guard

To rule and guide.