6 Clair Senses and How to Develop Them?

6 Clair Senses and How to Develop Them

Do you have a feeling that you call your instinct, or you might call it your gut feeling? Others call this foresight or just knowing things. This gift allows people to know things without having any real information as to why they know these things.

Do you have signs that you get that you don’t know where they come from, and you aren’t sure how to even explain them? If so, chances are that you have the clair giftings. This is a way that you can know and feel things and be guided in your spiritual life.

As you develop your giftings, you will see that you might doubt yourself more than ever. It can be hard for you to not look at other people that have the same gift as you do and to think that you will be able to do the things that they do.

If you are someone that has mediumship giftings, you might wonder why you are not able to see the spirits or why you are not able to connect with them. But if you get evidence from the spirit world that you hear from them then you will see that you just need to develop your gifts to make a connection.

As you start to understand your giftings more, you will see that your intuition is more of an auditory feeling rather than something that you can see. You will have to learn to let go of what you want and then you will start to see the energies of what you have. As you learn to let your senses run wild, you will see that you have dominate feelings and senses that can help you to connect with the spirit world in your own way.

The job that you have in your life is to figure out what gifting that you have and to love it and to work to make it stronger.

Getting spiritual information can be like listening to a radio. This can help you to tune into what the spirits are telling you. Just like you use your five senses for other things, your clair senses are your five senses in another dimension. These are things that can help you to see and hear and feel things. You have to learn to not judge yourself when you are learning to connect to the spirit world.

The clair giftings that you have are part of your psychic gifts. These are things that have to do with taste, seeing, smelling, hearing, and feeling in the spirit world. You can use your intuition to tune into your spiritual energy and this can help you to know your thoughts and feelings that you have. Even the smells and the images that you see, and smell will dominate you when you have a certain clair gifting.

Knowing the Clair Gifts

Here are some of the clair gifts and what they mean:


Clairvoyance is when you can see things clearly. This is when you use your third eye to experience the spirit world. This can happen with visions, or it can be an image that comes to your mind. People that are visual are often very creative and they are often builders and artists.


Clairaudience is clear hearing and for some it will be like listening to a radio play in your mind. You will be able to hear sounds that can be spoken to you from the spirit world or spoken in your mind. Some people that have this gifting are often musicians or other musical people.


Someone with clairsentience is someone that has clear feelings. This means that they are able to read the emotions and feelings of other people. They often don’t know what they are really feeling, and this is often just a gut feeling that they will get.

These people are very sensitive, and they have to learn to understand the difference between their own feelings and the feelings of others. People with this gifting are often counselors or doctors.


A person with this gifting is able to smell things. They are able to smell the smells of someone that has died. They are able to smell things like cigarette smoke or of perfume of someone such as their grandmother that died or another person that had passed away. This can be from past memories.


A person with Clairgustance giftings are able to taste things that aren’t there. This can be the favorite food of someone that has died. This can be someone that is sensitive to the tastes in the spirit world. This can be someone that is a cook or someone that is a food critic.


When someone is claircognizant, they are able to know things. They are able to read the minds of people, or they are able to know what someone is thinking.

These people are able to tell the future sometimes and they can listen to the spiritual world around them to get information that they need in their life to help others.

Someone with this gifting can be a car salesman or someone that is in a service industry.

Recognizing Your Gifting

You can learn to recognize your gifting by sitting in a comfortable place where you won’t be distracted. You can find the area and what you are feeling in your life and focus on that. What do you feel or see when you look around the room?

What kind of sound do you hear or what do you feel or smell? Does something pop out to you that you never expected?

If you aren’t sure what your gifting is, you can ask your guides to help you to know what gifts you have. This can help you to understand yourself more and to strengthen your gifting.

Once you know your gifting, you can use different ways to develop your gift and to be stronger in your journey.