What is a Psychic Therapist?

Psychic Therapist

Maybe you are a regular person that feels that they have psychic gifts, or you might be a therapist that believes in psychic powers. Whatever you feel inside of you, chances are that you will be able to use these things to tap into something other than what is inside of you. The energy that you can tap into might help you to be able to connect with your clients differently.

Do you feel that you have strong intuition? Do you know what the client is going to say before they bring it up? Are you able to read the energy or the aura around your client? Maybe you are able to instantly know what someone that is talking to you is feeling before they even speak. Do you ever feel that you know what is going to happen in your clients future? This might be as small as knowing what they are going to ask or being able to physically feel what they are feeling.

Why This is Hard for Therapists?

A therapist is there to help the client get in touch with their feelings and their emotions. A good therapist is able to have compassion and to put themselves in the other persons shoes. A therapist is able to take the energies around them and to understand what is going on.

When a therapist is also a psychic, it can cause things to be confusing. It might make the therapist question their psychic gifts and what is going on in their session. They might be able to embrace the fact that they know things about the client without even being told. This can be confusing, and the therapist might be questioning what they are feeling.

Being a Channeler

A person that is a channeler is able to pick up spirits in the area around them. They are able to find energy in the spiritual world that is coming to them on the earth. They are also able to hear the guides and to find out what the guides are trying to tell them. This happens because a channeler is able to be on the same frequency as the spirit.

If you don’t believe in the supernatural, this can be something that is hard to understand. But, if you are open minded, you can understand things at a deeper level. There are some therapists that are also channelers. They are able to pick up on spirits that are around them.

Psychic Journey

The psychic experiences that people have often start when they are children. Sometimes parents don’t understand these gifts and so they push these ideas out of their heads. When a person is getting messages from the spiritual world, especially a child, the parent will often stop these gifts in their tracks.

As a therapist, if you have experienced the supernatural, it might be hard for you to understand things with your client without adding psychic gifts. If you are a channeler, you might not be able to keep the messages out when you are seeing a client, or the spirit can possibly catch you off guard.

As you go through your sessions, you will learn what the client is feeling, and you will be able to listen to psychic information without allowing it to get in the place of what you are doing with your client.

Sometimes you might decide to be a therapist and use your psychic gifts at the same time. You can listen to your intuition and pick up messages while you are developing your psychic gifts. You might even be a therapist that has some of the clair gifts such as:

• Clairvoyance.
• Claircognizance.
• Clairaudience.
• Clairempathy.
• Clairgustance.
• Clairsentience.
• Clairtangency.
• Clairsalience.

If you are a therapist, chances are that you have strong empathy, and you might be clairempathic.

Developing Your Psychic Gifts

You can develop your psychic gifts even if you are a therapist. Figure out which gifts that you think that you have and ask your spiritual guides to help you to develop your gifts. Here are some other things that can help you:


You have to learn to believe in your psychic gifts and stop doubting them. When something wild happens that is spiritual and you are talking to your client, don’t doubt what is happening. Figure out what feelings come up with these gifts and trust what you are experiencing. Even if you don’t talk about it with your client, write down what happened so you can look at it later.

Take Time to Meditate

Meditate before you do a session with a client. This can bring you calmness and peace and give you a clear mind. This is a time that you can connect with your spiritual guide. Ask the spirits to leave the room and ask to just speak with your guides. Listen and see what they are helping you with. Ask them to connect with you and write down the information.

Get Help

When you speak to a client, ask your spiritual guide to help you. Be open to getting messages form them and if you feel that you aren’t listening or you are overthinking things, listen to your intuition and calm down.

Pay Attention to Emotions

When you are talking to a client, tap into their feelings and their emotions. Listen to what they are saying to you with their feelings and not just with their mouth.

Again, Don’t Ignore It.

Don’t ignore what is happening in the spiritual world around you. Don’t have fear when this happens and keep working until you develop your psychic gifts.

Final Thoughts

Take time to talk to a psychic if you want to develop your gifts. If you are a therapist, you can develop your psychic gifts that can help you to be even a better therapist. Talk to other therapists that have the same kind of gifts that you have and see if they can give you advice.

You can develop your spiritual self as you learn to connect with those around you and with your own psychic gifts.