What Does the Tattoo, Semi-colon Mean?

Tattoo Semi-colon

Some tattoos have a deep meaning and others are just for fun. The semi-colon tattoo has a great representation of mental health. If you are someone that has been through mental health issues or if you feel that you have succeeded in being your best, this might be the best tattoo for you.

What Does the Semi-Colon Tattoo Mean?

People that are fighting with mental health often suffer. The semi-colon has become a sign of mental health since 2013. This was advocated by Amy Bleuel who founded the semi-colon movement and encouraged those that were facing mental health issues to put photos on social media of semi-colons on their wrists.

This symbol was meant to show that their lives are important, and they aren’t over just because they have suffered. Since this movement, many people have gotten tattoos on their wrists. This is said that a semi-colon is used when the sentence could have been ended but the author wanted to continue it.

Why Get This Tattoo?

If you have a mental health issue that you have faced or if you have a loved one or friend that has faced this and you want to represent them, this tattoo could be perfect for you. This can be a memorial for someone, or it can represent someone that you know that has committed suicide or died of addiction.

The symbol is one that is very small, and it can be put anywhere on the body but is often put on the wrist. Some will add things like animals or flowers or even hearts.

If you are someone that has battled with mental health issues, this tattoo can show the world that you made it through and that you were strong.

Pay Attention to Tattoos

You might see someone that has this tattoo on their wrist or another part of their body. If you see this, take time to talk about the tattoo and ask them about what it represents to them.

Mental Health Help

There are many places that you can go to get the mental health help that you need. If you are suffering in your mind or your emotions and you don’t feel that you can pull out of it, take time to seek out help.

You can visit online the Project Semicolon to see more information or if you are feeling suicidal, call 800-273-8255 which is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and it is opened 24/7. Or you can visit www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org for help at any time.