Activating Your Inner Goddess

Inner Goddess

Many people think that the goddess is part of the world but she is really known for diversity. When it becomes Taurus season, it means that Mother Earth energy is strong and this can help you to get abundance.

The Taurus energy is strong and it works with the yin energy which means a feminine energy to be, and a masculine energy yang which means do. This energy is full of having abundance and reaching the pleasures in your life. The five senses that you have can be strong this time and you can use these sense to taste good things such as choice wine or to hear things by listening to podcasts that can help you to find your purpose.

The Taurus works with the planet Venus and the goddess of love works here by giving you beauty. If you haven’t connected with your inner goddess, now is the time to try and do this.

Activating the Inner Goddess

You need to know what you are worth and to see that you have value. You can look at your purpose and your passions and you can find that you can use these things in order to manifest things into your life.

As things move forward, the yang can come out and it can be a time where you need to try and reach your goals and try to see things happen. Even if you are dealing with something hard, now is the time to try and connect with others and to be more sociable.

Don’t miss out on what life has for you but learn to just be what you need to be to live a good life. Don’t forget your yin energies. As you learn life, you will see that you can manifest things in your dreams and as you dream, it will encourage you to work harder and to connect with the energies around you.

As you align your energies with the universe, you will see that you feel better and you will see that things are easier and you can push stress and anxiety away.

Connecting with your inner goddess can mean that you are not having to force good things to come to you but they will come to you on their own. You will take action in what you do with your life and this will attract positive things into your life. The universe can help you to reach all of your dreams, big and small.

How to Activate Your Inner Goddess

Tap into your inner energies and connect with the inner goddess. Here is how:

Notice Your Feelings

One thing that you need to do to reach your inner energy is to notice your feelings. Notice what emotions you are having and what ones you don’t want to face. Pay attention to blockages that you might have in your chakras such as your throat or your heart chakra.

Are you having a hard time telling the truth? If so, you aren’t noticing your feelings and you are allowing the blockages to control you. The harder you are on yourself, the more blockages you have which can lead you to having unforgiveness.

Ask yourself this, “How am I feeling today?” “What can I do to live my best life today?” Always make an effort to slow down and to live your best life. Think about the things in your life that are bothering you. Are you stressed or anxious? Why? Notice the way that you are feeling in your mind and your body. Let yourself connect with your senses.

Do Rituals

Do rituals that make you feel good like taking a salt or a bubble bath. Do this so that you can feel good and so that you can embrace your inner beauty. This can help you to reach your inner goddess and allows you to get rid of negativity. This can be a spiritual cleansing for you.

Other rituals can include meditating, journaling, going out in nature, traveling or anything that brings out your strength and your feminine energies.


You can reach your inner self when you make choices that make you feel lighter. Get rid of things in your life that no longer serve you. You can also cleanse your body and declutter things out of your life so that you can be more creative and so you can have better energies.


Journaling is one thing that can help you to feel better in your life. Do this when you have feelings or when you have something to say that you want to remember.  As you connect with your soul, allow your inner goddess to come out and express it in your journal.

Let go of things in your life that are negative and do this through your journaling. Notice if you need to change something.

Look at the Moon

Pay attention to the moon cycle. Just like being in a feminine cycle, the cycle of the moon is also 28 days until it reaches lunation. Women should be tuned into moon energies and if you understand your cycle, you will notice that the cycle of the moon is similar.

The universe can help you to connect with the moon cycle and this can be magical for you. The moon energy can affect your whole life.


Moonstone is a very powerful crystal, and you should keep it close to your body. Wear it as jewelry and allow your inner goddess to come out. You can see that there are some stones that can be very powerful for you.

If you need to connect with the moon and your feminine energies, using the moonstone can help you to achieve that.

Go Around Other Goddesses

Put yourself in places where you are surrounded by other goddesses. Stop being around people that make you feel bad about who you are and what you are doing. Find women that want to be about you and want to be in your corner.

Connect with the Universe and the Divine

It is important that you connect with the universe and with the divine energy. By doing this, you can feel better. You can journal, burn candles, use crystals, and do whatever it takes to reach your inner self.

Final Thoughts

There are some great things that you can do to reach your inner goddess. By doing these things you can feel better, stronger and more positive on your spiritual journey. Try the things above and do your own things to help you reach your inner goddess.